006 – Mother, Giving Birth

TN: Thanks to Phony, I got the raw to this chapter! This is to her!

Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

” Gkyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ”

Such was the pain that I almost fainted.
My first time giving birth.
With the others encouraging me, I finally managed to push the baby out through the birth canal after great pains but I had also reached my limit.
My vision went slightly hazy.

Then, a robust baby’s first cry reached my ears and snapped me out of it. ….Ah, I wondered if the baby would turn out to be as naughty as that person. As I thought about it, the corners of my mouth went up.

Mary, the Head Maid, gently carried my child over to his first bath and washed him carefully. That wrinkled face…was so cute.

It must be my imagination acting up because my baby looked like he enjoyed and was feeling very comfortable in that bath.

” What a healthy boy. ”

Mary delightfully said, as she looked at my son. She then carried that tiny him from the bath and brought him over to my side.

” Look, it’s your mother~ ”

Mary looked so happy, like he was her own son.
I stared fixedly at my son and tears started welling up. ….It must be my imagination at work again because he looked like he was making a strange (puzzled) face.

His face was really wrinkled…but so so cute.
Oh my…?

” Are you laughing I wonder. Will, my adorable son. That is your name, Will. ”

The first child that was blessed to me and that person. [TN: I wonder why she refused to say Gion’s name.]
Such happiness. Such overflowing love.

I called his name over and over, trying to let him know, even just a little, about my feelings.

And then, Will, with a face full of happiness, started dozing off. This time, it was definitely not my imagination.

” Nice to meet you, my cute precious Will. ”


AN : I wanted to be better at writing dialog…

TN : Once again, thanks everyone for you help in trying to make this chapter happen! Enjoy!


20 thoughts on “006 – Mother, Giving Birth

  1. On the top of the wayback machine, there should be a timeline. One of them is highlighted red. you can select different save states.
    after ch 90 or so, it starts getting replaced by digests so you may have to fiddle with the dates. But every original chapter all the way to 100 are definitely there


  2. Wooo thank you! I come back after a few days and you’ve already translated several chapters, that’s soooo great! Thanks!


  3. thank you—!
    oh, from mary’s POV, huh! well, it seems like it’s a popular thing to refer to that particular special person as ‘that person’? i don’t know, that’s just been my observation? i’m probably wrong, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thanks for the hard work =) and @midoriha, you are definitely correct it seems in the korean and japanese cultures referring to your significant other as “that person” seems to be a much more affectionate way of referring to them


  5. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Daddy is naughty so Mommy refuse to taint her mind by calling daddy’s name even in her mind?


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