Scared you, didn’t I?

But yea, the real reason I am churning out chapters almost daily is that I wanna hit at least 20 chapters before I go on a 10 days hiatus.

I’m going to JAPAN tomorrow~ So I’m just in time.

And so, because I am definitely not translating while in Japan, please be patient for 10 days! Go on a food binge and stay in a food coma or something d(Ov O).

I’ll be back soon.

For those who haven’t read the digest chapters, you can read those to fill up for a while. Those are 3 times the length of a normal chapters.



33 thoughts on “Hiatus

      1. I don’t know Japanese at all, but I like this novel. And your translation is pretty good, so I’d like to work with it.
        BTW, have a nice trip!


  1. Have a safe trip! Are you staying at someone’s home, a guest house, or hotel? Do you have a JR Pass? Also, it’s best if you print out the maps you’ll need ahead of time.


      1. The JR pass covers just the normal JR trains. It doesn’t cover the Shinkansen, so you’d still have to pay even if you had it. I bought it before, it’s helpful in Osaka and around half of Tokyo. Worthless in Kyoto and the non major parts of Tokyo cause the railway systems are different.


  2. Raah so envious! But well, I hope everything goes well, the flight, the walks in Japan BIG cities, the unexpected encounter with yakuza… 😀 Have a nice trip!!


  3. Enjoy your trip pumpkin-dono. I hope to go to Japan myself some day. ‘Course I’m 6’3″ (roughly 190 cm) so I don’t know if I’ll fit….


      1. I was referring more to the dents I’ll leave on all the door frames I try to walk through. Then again… The chance of a concussion has never stopped me before, so I’ll follow your advice.


  4. Enjoy ur holiday. n_n & thanks, looking forward for the new chapter.

    Btw how u learn nihongo? U took a class or self study?


  5. Hey, I’m the owner of novelsnchill.com and I’m interested in hosting your novel at my site. I’ll pay 60c per 1000 views and you can send me an email to discuss this proposition in more detail.

    My site novelsnchill.com hosts a variety of Japanese, Chinese and Korean novels and gets an average of 1 million views monthly. I’m a big fan of alternative/different novel types like World Teacher, Monster Factory, Skyfire, Dimensional Sovereign and Manga wo Yomeru etc.

    Anyway I hope to hear from you soon:)


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