Chapter 36 is completed, please check it out! I updated the character section with Zen and Mr Macho as well!

Just to explain some stuff.

Incomplete post
In any event I cannot complete the chapter, I would post an incomplete chapter with the [Incomplete 00%] in the title. Do note these post are, duh, incomplete and not gone through once over by me yet. Which means they are in the rawest form apart from being in Japanese.

For people who prefer completed post, do check back the next day as 99% of the time I would finished them as I dislike them hanging there.

Reason? I type directly in word press so leaving the uncompleted post in drafts makes me jittery.


Please do not post spoilers.

For people who cannot wait and ran ahead to read the Japanese raws, please do not post any spoilers in your comments. I do moderate comments but as I am reading at the same speed, you had just spoilt the excitement I have to translate the rest of the chapter.

Though sometime I do spoil myself by reading the manga.


I would type the spells used in their original Kanji form as that’s what they are supposed to be. If you cannot read them, congrats, you are normal just every man in Elzmu. If you can read them, then you are most likely a cheating bastard like Will.

Anywho, readings and meaning will be written beside and…isn’t it nice to learn something once in a while? Hehe.


But thank you for liking this web novel! I am having fun translating this for you guys and please continue to enjoy~


5 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Thank you to you too! But if one have already read raws, why would that person still read the translation? And I do hope you give me more Will cuteness! =D


    1. Haha! When the chapter was still incomplete and they couldn’t wait for me to finish translating, they ran over to read the Raws and posting the untranslated spoilers in the comments of the incomplete chapter.


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