040 – Dormitory Mates

Editor : Poor_Hero

TN: Sorry for the slightly late update. I had been addicted to Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu and cannot stop reading it. I had also recently just gotten Microsoft Universal Folding Keyboard so now there’s no need to turn on my computer to translate! Ipad for everything!

The residents in White Wind Dorm, from counting by my sight, are around 30. It seems like they get about 8 ~ 10 people entering per year. My class is about 20 so it makes sense that about half would be staying in the dormitory.

While I am on this subject, 11 of them are girls. 3 are 1st year, 5 are 2nd year and 3 are 3rd year. As expected, there are fewer girls staying in the dormitory.
…..I am not dejected! I am just thinking that it would be nice to have some flowers amidst the thorns, that’s all.

The number of guys? There is no reason for me to count them, is there?

…Ah, it’s not that I like girls better. Nope. Just that I can count them when we head towards our room so there is no need to do it now! Yep!

Self-introduction begins in the order they are lined up in.


” I’m Remy, 1st year! ”
” I am Louise. Same year! ”
” I am Brutus. 1st year. ”

The 3 after Zen in a row.
Remy, Louise and Brutus who have just introduced themselves as 1st years seem to know each other based on their attitudes. From the right, red, yellow and green, are just like a traffic light and so easy to remember. Their personalities seem to match the colors as well.

What colors? Their hair colors. You might be doubting if it is blond or not but in this world, hair colors are expectedly bright and colorful. Yet still not unnatural like dyed hair which makes it so strange to me. The mystery of life. I wonder if it would be like the novel I read that the color of hair / eyes has a relation to their attributes…

Up till now, I still cannot find a pattern to it though. Ah, but the silver hair and peridot eyes me is all-attributes. Black hair and eyes would be….. let’s just say it is not to the expectation.


What an easy name to remember. Is it just me who feel that his nonchalant attitude and his name are mismatch?

Next is…. I look over. Let’s pretend I never get excited.

” I am Yuria! 3rd year! ” [TN: Using old-man talk for some reason. “Washi wa Yuria-jya! San-nen-jya!”]

Lo…. Loli….

No, she said she is a 3rd year. Which means at max 12 years old. At that, I suddenly remember. Can it be that she is the same as me……..

” By the way Yuria did not skip grades! I am a real 12 years old so be careful! ”

Kiro laughs at that perfect timing.

….It… It cannot be!
I stand there stunned, watching how Kiro is being beaten up by the Loli. Yet being the honest person I am, I let out my real thoughts of ” You got to be kidding… ” and it is heard by her. Yuria, who hears that, jumps around in anger, yelling that she is already an adult.

It would be better not to tell her she looks more like a kid right now. But because of this, I come to understand something. A child who insists of being an adult will always be seen as a child. My things to take note of increases.

And Yuria looks even younger than me. No matter how I look at her she looks to be about 6 years old. With long red hair, that is quite close to black, up in a half ponytail and big round reddish brown eyes. Oh pretty~ I don’t think I need to explain that pretty includes cute right?

By a certain person’s voice, the currently rampaging Yuria-senpai freezes.

” Yuria-chan? ”

It belongs to the cool beauty, whose hobby is observing, Calius. Yuria-senpai, who, is just nice, is right in front of me, lets out a tiny shriek and strangely, hides behind my back. She is even trembling.

…….I am extremely interested in what happened between the two! But it is better not to meddle in it. Just by looking at the smiling Calius makes me nervous. How shameful. He has an unknown, mysterious aura that feels like once you step in, you cannot ever back out. Such is Calius.

The self-introduction from Kiro’s batch continues but to tell the truth, I am not listening.

First, smiling silence. [TN: Turn and you’ll forgot about him.]
Then, bouncing Loli.

What is this development? Someone please help? I turn to Freya, troubled but is ignored by her splendidly. W….Why! It seems like she is not helping me this time. The 1st year and 2nd year boys seem to have finished their self-introduction. It is time to get myself out of this situation.

I look back and smile.
Placing both of my hands on Yuria-senpai’s shoulders…..

” Un! You are kidding! ”

I hand her over, not at all minding her tears. I will not be deceived by appearance! I believe that Yuria-senpai, who is an adult, can handle her troubles by her own.

Ah, peace comes back.

Now I can finally pay attention to the self-introductions. Smiling, I focus my eyes on the next person who is about to start. Hm? It comes to her turn but the girl remains silent.

” ………. ”

The girl who stays silent, starts to exude an aura as if saying ‘ Even them..’.

” Erm, 1st Year Girl….. Would you introduce yourself? ”

Kiro, who is unable to let it go like that, asks politely but her sullen aura increases even more. What makes her feel that displeased? Kiro, with the smile frozen on his face, has cold sweat dripping down his face.

But…. For some reason I feel that her anger is not directed at us but to something or someone outside. Then, at this moment, a Hero appears.
The girl sitting on her left. The girl, who is wearing glasses, risks her life as she lifts her hand.

” Er….. I think she is Selphys-chan. ”

The ears of the girl called Selphys move when she hears that. Her ears, which can be seen through the gaps of her hair, a yellow-greenish color like new leaves, show the traits of being an Elf.

…..Is there friction between humans and elves?

I think back but nothing stands out within my knowledge about something like that. At least in John-sensei’s lessons, I do learn about elves but nothing about any friction exists between them and humans.

Which means, the sharp look given out by the deep green eyes is not directed at ‘Humans’ but ‘People in here‘. But…. I wonder if we do anything to her unknowingly….

The brown haired girl, who pushes up her glasses which is slipping down her nose, is smiling.

…..She calms me.

Smiling even knowing the mood of Selphys sitting beside her is….. The mirror of students, the Holy Mother. So healing. Being led by her, I start to smile and then, our eyes meet. I quickly shift my line of sight.

……Which I wish to pretend that do not happen!

To desert the ever smiling girl, who is like the Holy Mother…. No! Don’t be depressed! If I give up here then I would stay the same as I am in the previous world. This is only a small matter! This is just the beginning of my school life! I fire myself up and give my all smiling, trying at least leave a better impression.

” …..O…..Oh, I see, thank you. ”

Kiro, who finally unfreezes, gives his thanks to Holy Mother Girl and the self-introductions continue. Holy Mother Girl’s name seems to be Maria. But, in her self-introduction, she fumbles in the very end. I think she is a serious, healing, perfect type but it turns out that she has a clumsy side as well.
…..What is with this girl?


With this and that, the White Wind welcome party ends with subtle unease lingering in the air.



By Kiro’s instructions, the 1st years are free to choose their own roommates. 2 people per room. It goes without saying that Zen and I are grouped together since he is my 1st friend I made. It might be fate. Plus, I want us to go along with each other. I also choose to ignore the fact that Mr. Red Signal and Miso Soup are staying in the room next to us.

” No matter how short, these are the rooms that you will be in for these 2 years so use them dearly! ”

As energetically as ever, by Kiro’s orders we all head towards our respective rooms.


” Ah, even so…. Will’s House is amazing~ ”

Zen laughs, amused.

” No, it’s nothing. ”

I say, trying to be humble. To tell the truth, only the Royal family is above our House but there is no use in telling Zen this. Laughing, we reach our rooms and place our luggage down.

” Wow Will, you have very little luggage. ”

Zen says, to the bag which I think is huge. When I am about to ask ‘Is that so?’, I see Zen’s bag. It is a rectangular bag that is as tall as Zen.

” ……Zen, What exactly did you bring over? ”

If it is only clothes, uniforms, pajamas and knick knacks it would not amount to that size. And when I try to ask Zen, he grins proudly.

” That is because I am aiming to skip grades. ”

With that, he takes all the thick books from his luggage and drop them onto the table.

” I see. ”
” Yep! Are you not going to take the exams in September, Will? ”
” Ah, of course I am! ”

The exams to skip grades are held in September. I do not expect Zen to aim for that too! In my happiness I answer him energetically and he blinks his eyes innocently at me.

” …..Hm? What’s the matter? ”
” Ah, no….. How are you going to study? ”

Zen, who is looking at me keeping my stuff into the cabinet, asks. Oh, I expect to be asked about it.

I am extremely hesitant in how I should answer.
But, I glance at Zen, who is making a curious face.

It is as Kiro has said, I would be living with Zen for at least 2 years. Yes, even with skipping grades there is no way to jump all the way up immediately. I would have to experience different things, one by one. And continue passing the skipping grades exam being held every 6 months before I can graduate the 3 years of Mid-level in 2 years.

Well, I would also have to pass all of the other exams.

Which means I would be with Zen for at least 2 years. Even if I hide the reason from him, it most likely to be found out. The only problem is sooner or later.

In that case…..

I steel my resolve and answer.

” Actually, I have already studied all, even High levels materials. ”

I say it casually and Zen, who freezes for a bit, immediately relaxes and grins.

” Look at you go~ Still pretending~ Just honestly say you forget and I can lend you~ ”

……This guy.
He has taken the choice of not believing in me. I do predict this to be one of the responses but to be given it so bluntly…
My mood sours. How unpleasant.
To be looked at with pity by a kid younger than me!

” It’s true! ”

I yell.

” Yep yep, I understand so it’s okay, Will. ”
” That’s why! I am not lying! ”
” Yes yes, it’s true, it’s true. Don’t worry, I will teach you properly. ”

This guy… He is definitely understanding nothing…

Even though I know I am digging a deeper hole by yelling like this but I just cannot help it.


I finally understand Yuria-san’s feelings.


Ku….. How frustrating.




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  3. “No matter how I look at her she looks to be about 6 years old.”
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  4. I’m wondering if Yuria is actually young like Will but has been denying it so consistently that everyone goes along? She could be fun to watch… or tedious. Don’t know yet.

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      1. Yeah. I had a couple people who where like that to during 1-12 grades of school. I was pretty short back then I did not finish grown to my full height until around the time I started college.


      2. I was bullied in school before too. Not too badly as I walked out of the group before it could get worse.

        Then the 2 of them caught me on the way home and there was no way to run. But that’s just once. I had good friends who stood by me they can’t do anything to me.


      3. One time, one of those bullies grab by the chest and squeeze it like it was some boob when we were walking to the lab room. They continue to bully me until finally the school year ended and eventually I walk away from the group they were with too. And I made some new friends in the process.


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