070 – Cast Aside Shame When Traveling (Last)

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: I think I am on my way to recovering… I think… oh please… not again…

A ripple ran through the school that day.

” ……..Beryl’s son is playing truant? ”

The baritone voice sounded throughout the classroom. The poor White Wind Year Ones who did nothing, trembled. The title of being number 2 in the academy was not just for show. The temperature dropped lower.

” To skip the lesson, of all things, on dangerous beast summoning.. As expected of his son. ”

He slowly raised his right hand and ran his fingers through his comb-backed hair. ‘His son?’ Questioning looks ran through the class but at this point of time, no one dared to ask. If there was anyone, that person would be dubbed as a Hero (idiot).

In the heavy atmosphere of the classroom that one would start wondering if the windows were going to break soon, Varino, the mastermind, took no heed of it as he placed his hand on the table and declared.

” I am going to get a long and detailed explanation from him next time. I’ll be counting on all of you if you ever catch sight of him. ”

Leaving those words, the chill in the classroom dispersed but the entire class shook their heads violently. The meaning behind those words were a silent threat to bring William to him and if they did not…. There was no one who dared to go against this order.

Friendship? What’s that? It was true friendship to stand up to a friend who did wrong things.

Everyone came together. Their hearts were of one.

You cannot do wrong things.



” Aaachooooo! ”

All of a sudden, I sneezed. If it’s not my nose that was itching, that meant someone was talking behind my back. The night air was rather humid but somehow, I felt a chill. I trembled. What was wrong with me?

I tilted my head in confusion but then I felt a magical beast presence above me. I immediately knocked it down.

[TN: Kamaitachi, Whirlwind razor. Again, not the yokai.]

It was just a magic I used to assist since Zirco-san was here but it ended up being really useful. I really found a treasure here. As expected of an old-fashioned (delusion) magic. [TN: This magic came from the yokai and yokai might not exist so…] You really cannot look down on the (black) history of chuuni-ness.

The magical beast that came falling out of the sky was a bird-like creature. Most likely, this was the rumored Sea bird.

It was covered in green feathers with orange lines running all over its body. It had a mohawk-like hairstyle(?) made out of yellow feathers on top of its head. Its name was quite rock-sounding as well. Mohawk + rock = funky~

But the colors of magical beasts sure were marvelous. Life sure is mysterious.

Although its colorful feathers were a bit of a turn-off, its meat shouldn’t be a problem. Okay, you shall be our breakfast tomorrow. I then casually stored the Sea bird into my pendent.


” ………So boring. ”

William Beryl, 8 years old.
Right now, he was at his first camp site. But he was bored.

A barrier was set up around the surroundings so there should be no problem there. Plus, it was set up to detect any sign of a presence, mana or movement. If anyone could bypass this barrier, I would gladly offer my head to them. Not to mention Zirco-san and Buu-san were here. A former shadow. It would be almost impossible to sneak an attack on us.

You must be wondering what I was trying to say but in simple terms, it meant that I was too excited to sleep. I totally paid no heed to how much I resembled a child who was too excited and nervous to sleep before a trip. It was just that I was being pulled by my body’s age. Ah, that’s it. Yes, it was definitely it.

I lose if I were to mind it.

It is important in life to know when to give up. To not mind it when your pay just does not seem to go up, to not mind when your body is not moving as well when you are old, to not mind when you give up seeing your hero. The important thing is to not stop. To not be crushed. To face the front and move on.

No matter the result.

Once I got started, my thought just flew to another direction all together. That was dangerous. I almost got into an accident.


The first day of our travels.
We finally reached a place near to Iza river, where Sea birds flew above us. We were still 1/3 away from the border.

To begin with, the capital itself was situated at a place that values convenience more than defense. It’s a straight line from the Iza river border, aiming for the ease for trading.

Naturally, being the capital, the King would be living there. You would think the security would be tough but it did not seem to be so. Oh no, please do not misunderstand. It was just that the tops of Elzmu country were ridiculously strong.

The White and Black Knights led by Gion were said to be the strongest in the world. Not only commoners living in the capital, everyone who lived in Elzmu had knowledge, thanks to the compulsory education and so, the crime rate was low. It had the best public order around.

What about tourist then? That area would be under Zirco-san’s information corps and Father’s secret something.

Plus, after meeting with the King, he had a good head on and his strength was about 2nd to Father. Ah, a force to be feared.

As for the officers, if they were assigned to the castle, they would have to take care of their own safety. It was just a rumor but I think I was very close to the truth. Because I had an example by my side. Like John-sensei, and John-sensei, or John-sensei!

……Yep. Let’s put a stop to this topic. That person had a special ability to read my thoughts. The aftermath is scary so let’s stop it here. He had that ability.

” ……Let’s just sleep. ”

I woke up because I was somewhat excited. Looking at the starry sky, I got up from the tree stump I was sitting on. Tomorrow, we would be reaching the Iza river. And there, we would undergo an inspection. I was feeling unease as this was my first time going to another country since coming to this world. The first stage was the inspection. I clenched my fist and prepared myself.

And decided to go back to sleep.
Going back to the carriage, I took out a pillow and a quilt from my pendent and closed my eyes.



It was early in the morning but the area around the border’s inspection booth was bustling with people. Hattuo soldiers were running checks in front of the huge bridge above the Iza river border.

This early in the morning, the only ones here were wholesalers, Beastmen merchants and maybe Elzmu rich travelers. One by one, names were asked, tolls were paid as the soldiers checked if there were anyone suspicious.

Then, the next moment would cause them to give their thanks to the one who assigned them morning shifts.

The next one in line who wanted to enter the country and appeared in front of the soldiers was an angel-like, beautiful young girl. Her father was a slender man with well-featured facial features. Hiding behind her father, she peeked shyly at them.

Cu, cute.

Trying their best to endure the cuteness, the soldiers repeated systematic words they said to everyone.

” Go, good morning. Her, here’s the state border so you would need to undergo an inspection… Na, name, place of birth and reason for entering please. ”

Her charm was out of the world. The soldier was politer than usual as he took out a new form. During the entire process, his gaze was fixed at the silver-haired beauty.

He usually did not have a fetish but he kinda came to understand it a little. He could see flowers floating all around the little girl. The world was different. It turned dazzling, sweet and elegant. The aura surrounding the girl was divine.

It was not clear if the father knew what the soldier was feeling but he smiled as he pushed his daughter gently in front of him.

” Good morning, I am Jill Stuart. I am here on a trip with my daughter from Elzmu. …Come here, Willia, do your greetings properly. ”

The soldier was dumbfounded by Jill Stuart’s words.
….So she’s called Willia.
The ever smiling soldier was miles away from his usual self. The usual punk-like him was so different that his friends wouldn’t even recognize him. By Jill Stuart’s urging, the girl came forward.

” Go…. good morning. I am Willia. ”

Doing a small bow, Willia looked up at the soldier…… ever so bashful, with her big upturn eyes.

” Uwahh!? ”

Border soldier received critical hit!



” Uwahhhhhhhhhhhh…. ”

I covered my face as I moaned. I think I was about to die.

” As expected of Will-sama, what great acting…..*snicker ”
” Urgggggg….. ”

The guard role(Buu-san) thought back to my disgraceful behavior as his shoulders shook. It was disgusting even if I had to say so myself.

” No, it was a perfect young lady. ”

Zirco-san said, trying to console me but sorry, really not helping.

To avoid being recognized as the leader of the Black Knights Intelligence Corp Zirco and Duke Beryl’s son, we decided to get a fake name as well as a disguise. But my silver hair, green eyes and my eloquence were proving to be a trouble to hide. It seemed like I was known in the surrounding countries as well. This information came from the Intelligence Corps so it couldn’t be wrong. I had to strongly say that it was not me thinking too much about myself.

We had no idea where the enemy would look. Or if the [Shadows] were coming as well. Which was why we decided to go with cross-dressing….

My shoulders slumped just by thinking about it. The smooth silky long hair entered my vision. Using magic, I amplified the growth of my hair en route to the border. Thanks to that, my hair had grown all the way to my waist.

” Sigh…..Was there really a need to cross-dress? ”
” Definitely. No one would know it was us. ”
” No one would connect you to the Duke’s son. I did not even get noticed. ”

At my sigh, Zirco-san and Buu-san answered in a small voice.

….True, maybe it was the grossness of me, the rumored violent and haughty soldiers of Hattuo were somewhat gentle. Even Buu-san, a beastmen race that were often being looked down upon, was given nary a glance. Their gaze were fixated on me all the way…..

Being stared at that much made me felt sick. On the contrary, I was feeling unease about the fact if they had too strong of an impression of me.


My white one-piece dress bounced as I walked, trying to be as child-liked as I can.

” Daddy! Where are we staying today~? In the coach~? ”

I tilted my head at Zirco-san as I held his hand.

” No, we will be staying at an inn today. ”
” Yay! ”

I am a kid. I am a kid. Desperately hypnotizing myself, I walked beside Zirco-san.

” ……!! ”

Oi, Buu Buhual.
I can hear your snickering. And stop that trembling shoulders!


With the body of a child and the mind of an adult, that famous detective. I really admired him for being able to do such embarrassing things calmly.

…..Am I stuck in this until we get out of this country?
I felt myself getting depressed when I saw the road ahead of me.


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