072 – Retaliation Against Grousil (Mid)

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: Surprise, we got ourselves a 4-parter. Yes, 4 parts. This is going to be a fun ride~

Thinking the [Shadows] might come, I obediently got caught and was hand-cuffed immediately and tied up in rope.
Ah, I panicked for a moment when the rope bit into my ankle. Were the rogues with their rough treatment the worst of the [Shadows]? They did not seem to notice I was male. At the very least I could confirm at even if they were [Shadows], no information was given to them. Cough, like cross-dressing, cough.

I really don’t wanna be found out that I am cross-dressing!!

With my eyes bound, I was thrown into the back of a carriage. I still had my visualization magic so there was no meaning to binding my eyes.

You ask if I could see through the cloth binding my eyes? He he he, it’s the men’s dream, wasn’t it! Magic was all about the imagination!!

…..Excuse me. My excitement level got a bit weird. It must be my fear of the shaking from the carriage. As I was tied up, I got the full brunt of it. I was not in the wrong.


The carriage was heading towards the inner part of the street. The gatekeeper had said that security was bad the north side of the town so I guessed we were heading there through the side streets.


I really wondered if they were [Shadows]. Even if they were earlier than expected, I still didn’t think they were [Shadows] despite doing a good job in luring us in. The [Shadows] I knew of were Chiffon, Bibinyaru-san and Buu-san only but these rogues were too rough to even compare. Or were Chiffon and them the elite ones?

No matter, the roughness.
Firstly, they let me keep my consciousness. Secondly, they did not gag me. What if I shout? Besides, their skill in tying the ropes was lousy, their actions were amateurish and their footsteps were loud. Even if the streets were stone-paved or it was okay for footsteps outside, it was too loud. Within the stone-paved floor of the Royal Castle in Elzmu, the Intelligence Corp (ninja) managed to walk without making a sound so it went without saying that [Shadows] could do it too.

Were they just usable pieces?
Like how [Shadow] controlled people using [Slave Collar] or manipulated their memories like Caralsdoni-san. Their tail sure was difficult to catch. Thinking about the [Shadows] made my head hurt.

As I was thinking about these things, the carriage stopped. It seemed like we had reached our destination. As predicted, we entered a building inside somewhere deep into the street from the side road. This must be where the carriage house was. To the wall facing the side of the carriage, a crude wooden door could be seen.

Or rather, wouldn’t it be obvious for a horse carriage to be entering a side road? Were they stupid? Were they stupid?

Or was the entire area under their control? If that was the case, I should not take them lightly. I thought they were underlings but they might be doing it on purpose. Because just by movement alone one would be able to tell an expert from a novice. They might be pretending to be one.

To change the way a body move was almost impossible. The only ones who I knew could do it were Father and me. If they could do it as well, they were quite skilled. Thinking about it, I started feeling unease about me being tied up. Hm, let’s have some insurance.

[TN: Hogo Maku, Protection film, something like a barrier]

Taking care not to let my mana leak out, I further strengthened myself.

[TN: Karada Kyoka, Body strengthening]

It’s definitely not that I was scared. I was definitely not getting the jitters!

As I was strengthening myself, the carriage had stopped and the men tied up the horses near the wall. They then flipped up the cloth covering the carriage.

” …..Hehe, we got ourselves something good. ”
” Matilda that hag. An inn was set up but she had been useless. Aren’t she dragging us down? ”

They were whispering together but to my strengthened hearing, I could hear everything clearly, you idiots. Ah, but was this on purpose too? In any case, let’s not let my guard down.

But then, even at the checkpoint too?
It seemed that there was quite a few people with a weird fetish for ugly young girls. At the very least, it seemed like I――――or rather my body―――― was of some worth for them. If they were not [Shadows], then they were most likely slave dealers.

As I was analyzing the situation, one of the men carried me up. I was princess-hugged. The embarrassment that I threw previously was sneaking up ninja-like but I would ignore it.

The one who carried me ―――― let’s named him Rogue A. Rogue A and the other guy, Rogue B, had an argument before Rogue A carried me. When I was wondering what was going to happen, they raised their fist in the air, their eyes filled with fire.

“” With a question to Rinaa, Wood Water Fire! “”

In other words, rock paper scissors. It was the normal ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ in Elzmu but it had to be the influence of the First Founder, which was why the rest of the countries had not caught on.

The rules were the same. Wood is stronger than water, water is stronger than fire and fire is stronger than wood. And, after the fierce battle, Rogue A carried me up. These idiots seemed to only remember one thing as they kept on giving out water (stone). I heard from somewhere that people that had poor judgement, like kindergartners, tend to start giving out stone if the game got drawn-out for too long. But to think that they actually did it seriously. Just for additional information, Fire is paper and Wood is, quite unexpectedly, a single finger.

By the way, Matilda-hag(san) had already entered the building. It looked like Rogue AB did this quite often.

Or rather, they got so turned-off about carrying me that they had to resort to a game to decide? Rogue A only played a tiny part in my view. Really just a very tiny amount, very insignificant! Why should I get depressed because of this insignificant person! Should I degrade you from Rogue A to just Someone A? Huh? Should I?!

…..How lonely. Doing a manzai in my head only made me realize how empty I was. [TN: Manzai, comedy act] As I let my thoughts fly all over the place in order to forget the embarrassment that was trying to creep up on me, for some reason we had entered a jail cell and I was locked up inside it.


This was most likely the basement. The moist and musty air stank. To tell the truth, I can break out anytime. I could teleport and if I really wanted, I could blow this place apart without much effort.

It was not pride nor was I looking down on them. It was simply the truth. If I really wanted to, I could even destroy the world….. I think. I was not very confident in that though.

I can crush Flowason in an instant. I could just copy the way the rumors about Abi had said.
―――― By letting out mana.
Just that. Most likely everyone would faint in that instant….. Zirco-san and Buu-san would most likely receive some damage as well though.

……In that case it was better not to.

Let just leave it as it was and use this chance to do some undercover spying. But if they came back and found out that I was missing, they might do something unnecessary. It would be better to leave a note for them.

Hmm. How to do?
Was there anything that I could use outside….. ah.

Just nice, there was no one around to guard me. I wonder if they were looking down on me. Or maybe they had escaped my detection but if that was the case, I would give up. They would be too strong for me to handle.

And so, I spread my mana and whispered. It would be better to chant this magic as I was not used to it yet. Ah, I paid no heed to how the ropes binding me were releasing a terrible snapping noise.

” Please don’t be flashy, Shiro. 《召喚》” [TN: Shokan, summon]
” Yes, Master? ”

Without any effect, Shiro simply appeared. As you all know, when I first summoned him, he did a very showy big entrance. He once said, ‘The only one who can summoned me was Chuunibyo!’.

…..Don’t mind. I won’t take it to mind.
My motto was to never be a chuunibyo. Ahh, I really want to become friend with the First Founder.

” Ah… Shiro. Can you teleport? ”
” Yep. I could do it if it’s within 10 meters, Master. My attribute’s not space so it is actually quite harsh, to tell the truth. ”
” There’s no problem in that case. What’s Shiro’s attribute by the way? ”
” Wah~ To only ask me after so long, what a horrible employer. I feel like going on a strike. ”

Shiro glared at me after spitting out a deep sigh. I am sorry. I had really forgotten about it. Your existence too.

” ……Sorry. ”

Please don’t complain about my lack of refinement. I will stamp this deep into my heart so please forgive me with my deepest apology. I lowered my head. As though sensing my regret and my sincerity, Shiro spoke.

” …….Nah, it’s okay. Please raise you head, master. ”

Shiro directed an innocent face full of smiles at me. Ah, this ugly girl was struck deep in the heart. Oh no, it’s not a silver (love) arrow. How scary. Yes, I am cross-dressing right now but my essence is a proper man. A full-fledged man. The thing that struck was the feelings of guilt so relax. A beautiful summoned beast (dragon) and a cross-dressing shota in a jail cell….. Nooooooooo!! Who was that?! At the very least I am rejecting it with all my strength.

And rude thoughts just ran through my mind. Shiro directed a doubting glance at me but I pretended that nothing was going on as I tilted my head at him. Then, Shiro gasped as he forcefully snapped his face towards me and spoke in a trembling voice.

” …..Ah, to think Master had this kind of fetish! But it’s okay. Master will still be my Master. ”

Should I thank him? I let out a deep sigh.



” I see. So Shiro’s attribute are Water and Wind. ”
” That’s right. Because I’m a White Dragon. ”

Shiro said proudly as he stuck his chest out. He was a White Dragon so it’s Water and Wind. It didn’t really explain anything but as White Dragon was known as a sacred beast in this world, they might be revered as water gods or something. In my previous world, dragons were known to control the weather as well. If dragons were the incarnation of the Water god, it would make sense that their attributes were Water and Wind.

” Could it be that you would cause storms? ”
” Yep. ”
” Then, lighting as well? ”
” Yes. Why did you know that? ”

Holy thunder.
I had not tried it yet but it was really possible to create lighting via magic. Will the day where John-sensei drop it ever come? It just fits him too well. It was a day I was not looking forward to. Or rather, John-sensei’s attributes were not Water and Wind. I want to believe that it’s not Water and Wind.

Oops, I derailed the topic again. Noting it, I returned to the main subject in a hurry.

” Then the main point. ”
” What a weak response….. Is lighting not cool? Is it? ”

The tall Ikemen turned towards the young girl (boy in disguise) with a dejected face. Uuuh, you won’t deceive me with that kind of expression. Just because you had a dog-liked name does not mean that you have to give me a dog-like expression!

” Ah, it’s cool, it’s cool. ”

I patted his head.

” Master’s horrible. ”

As if reading my mind, Shiro glared at me. I had no idea what you were saying. Let’s get into the main topic.

” Teleport to the ground level and without being found out, head towards the inn and pass a message to Zirco-san and Buu-san. ”

I pretended to be calm and gave instructions but Shiro looked at me, stunned, before glaring at me.

” Master. I had never seen this place before. ”
” …….Ah. ”

I averted my eyes away from Shiro’s. There was nothing in the dim jail cell to look at, so my eyes were at a loss.

” U, useless fellow. ”
” No no no no no. ”



TN: Shiro was summoned so he had no idea where’s where in Flowason. Definitely not where the inn is.

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  2. Thanks for the translation!

    By the way, here are a couple of spelling errors you might want to fix, one minor, one less minor.

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    The more important one is that unless the shadows are wearing a lot of ladies’ make-up, it’s “Rogue” not “Rouge”. 😉


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    At least it’s self aware that it’s not going to be anything more than that (even the author notes go that way after all), it is starting to drag on a bit more than necessary on these comedy relief bits.

    That said, we still come to read as soon as we see a new chapter has been translated, because even the unedited versions are of a fairly good quality already and it makes for a pleasant read.

    So thank you for your continued hard work.


  9. A beautiful summoned beast (dragon) and a cross-dressing shota in a jail cell….. Nooooooooo!! Who was that?! —- THAT WAS ME!!!! I DID IT!!!! XD XD XD XD

    Or rather, John-sensei’s attributes were not Water and Wind. I want to believed that it’s not Water and Wind. —– AHAHAHAHAHA!

    I feel like the dragon will get lost on a journey for several years…. XD XD

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