114 – Uuuuuuuu


” Why are you asking that all of a sudden? ”

When my question about Grandfather came out, Father’s face paled. As I thought, something happened.

I had stepped on a landmind.

All right. I knew it. Which was also why I chose to ask directly in-person instead of via the communication tool. As for me, I was trembling. This was the so-called ‘chills’. It was chills from the anticipation of what was about to come.

It was definitely not because I was afraid that Father would get angry or began to hate me.


” …..Everyone was talking about their grandfather in school.. ”

I somehow controlled the shaking of my voice and pretended to be calm. And then, Father hugged his head.

” Aah-. No wonder you are asking. Grandfather…. no, my father.. you see.. ”

I met Father’s eyes. Looking at his serious expression, I gulped. Yes, the atmosphere was very tense at the moment. This might be a huge secret. That’s right! Our house was the highest Duke family in the country. Could it be? In exchange of Father, who, as a Fedural Lord, was unable to leave his territory for a long period of time, Grandfather went on a mission on his behalf?

Having realized this, I lowered my head. I could understand if that was the reason why the truth was hidden from me.


” That… erm, Father was… how do you say it…. a traveler of sorts. ”
” Eh? ”

When I was about to tell Father that it was okay not to tell me if it’s about the country’s secret but then he went and upped one on me with a shocking revelation.

…… A Traveler?

Was Grandfather a professional traveler, Father?

Now, a question. An occupation such as an Adventurer could be connected to searching for new lands and above all, subject magical beasts and complete missions from everyone and was an occupation recognized by god.

Then, what’s a traveler?

What do he do? Wasn’t traveling a pleasure?

It can’t be that Grandfather, wearing a brown coat and a green hat, goes everywhere with a guitar, right? That was my image of a traveler though.

In the end, multiples of questions marks floated above my head. Looking at my expression, Father gave a wryly laugh and began explaining.

” You see, The heads of the Beryl’s house, from some reason, after passing the seat to their son, they would go on a journey. Sometimes, I did received letters from him but…. 4 years ago, his letters stated that he was heading towards a mountain in Hadazerl but there had been nothing from him after that. ”

I came to know how weird Beryl’s family tradition was.

It might be that they grew tired of managing the land after so long. Even so… Every head had headed out on a journey was indeed….. very interesting.


Maybe it was because of the weird expression on my face, Father stood up and walked towards a certain corner of the bookshelves.

” Take a look. ”

Saying that, Father passed me a diagram of our family tree.

” I don’t know about The first founder (of beryl), but our family line came from Hattuo. Even the one who founded Elzmu together with the First Founder, see, here. ”
” Simon Beryl…… Came back after his journey and died of old age… ”

It seemed like the name smacked right in the middle of the diagram was the very first. The name at the bottom was written ‘Gion’. Right next to Simon’s name, in small letters, was the way he died. And looking closely, almost everyone died the same way.

” Did he caught an illness when he came back from his travels? Like a bug or something? ”

Finding it unusual, I asked Father about it. He shook his head.

” It’s not like that. Think back, have you ever caught a cold? ”
” ….. No. ”
” That’s it. All the Beryls have tough bodies. Actually, my grandfather, you great-grandfather, came back from his journey looking sleepy. He did not looked like he was sick or anything. ”

I had thought it was only Father who was [cheat]. Who knew the entire family was [cheat]? I peered at the diagram, looking so closely that my nose was almost touching the paper. The first name on the diagram was so faded that I could hardly see it but for those that I could, it seemed like all of them went on a journey.

Somehow, seeing this, made me felt like I had to go on a journey too. Maybe the heads above me went on a journey thinking the same way as I did.


All of a sudden, a question came to me.

” Father, the Beryl’s came from Hattuo…..? ”
” Ah yes. It was said that the First Founder, together with Simon, set off from Hattuo. There was quite a dispute with Hattuo at that time too. Ah, but after that, they were well known for opening up the [Demon Forest] to set up a country here. ”
” The First Founder was from Hattuo too? ”


First Founder, whom I believed was ‘my friend’, suddenly had his roots revealed in front of me. I had no choice not to listen! Without thinking, I leaned my body forward.

” Ah no, about that…. ”

On the country to my excitement, Father began dragging his speech again.

” According to Simon, he said something incomprehensible like how the First Founder simply appeared in the [Demon Forest]. ”

…….He was definitely transferred over to this alternate world!!

Ah, although the First Founder was still a ‘friend’ of mine, the genre seemed to be slightly different. I was reincarnation, his was a trip. But still, that made me confirmed that he was a ‘friend’!

A smile came up onto my face without me knowing. Father smiled, and began patting my head.



” You are only at this age…! That’s right, I almost forgot but you are only 8 years old….! ”

Father must had thought that I was simply a boy fascinated with the story of how Elzmu came about.

No! I was smiling because I was happy about knowing I had a ‘friend’ here!

…..Though there was no way I could say that out loud.


” Uuuuuuuuu…… ”

As I groaned while I was patted, I still felt loved. Although that grinning Father was still annoying. My face must be flushed red at the moment.

” Yosh. To you…..yes, I’ll lend you this. ”

From the top of the shelves, Father brough down a huge book. It was a very oldish-looking book, bound with something that felt like black leather, and It’s heigh was about half of me.

As it looked exactly like those spell books seen in movies, my eyes glittered at it. Damn it! I was reacting the way Father wanted me to! I wanted to controlled back my expression but it was already too late for that.

” Don’t think about building your own country by digging up the [Demon Forest]. I heard that it was really tough back then. ”

Father said, grinning.




25 thoughts on “114 – Uuuuuuuu

  1. Wanna bet the book is the founders history as he sets his country up?, bet there’s gonna be some parts in Japanese for our Cheat MC.

    Thanks for the chapter C:

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  2. Thanks for the chapter…

    Is this series really completed at chapter 120? Then it’s 6 more chapters to go.

    Uuuuuuuu i want more


  3. so…. basically, when Will meet his granpa, it’s when he’s closing to dead?
    No wonder, Gion doesn’t want to talk about him…..


  4. theory: what if Shou’s (will) father is the founder. that would explain why the beryls look similar to him and why his father disapeared

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  5. I wonder if the Beryls give their life to power up the “next” generation in some kind of magical ceremony in a secret location…
    Of course, I also like the idea that @Lowen suggested, that Shou’s father might have been the founder of the Beryls.


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