Too busy

Sorry guys! Life’s been really hectic this week between school, 2 part-time jobs and lots and lots and lots of matsuri to go to!

Releases will be resumed next week!

And no, it will not be the last chapters as there are at least 150+ chapters to we have a few more to go on.

Once again, sorry for skipping this week! 


7 thoughts on “Too busy

  1. First! Don’t get too stressed out! Take care of your body first before helping us translate this novel. Thanks for everything you have done so far!


  2. I may be crying but it isn’t because I don’t get to read your amazing translations of Will and his adventure. I was cooking and got some carrot in my eye! Definitely not because of you…..
    *internally*WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS MY WONDERFUL SHOTA GOING ON AN ADVENTURE? I NEED MY FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIX!!!!!! (Thank GOD no one can read my internal monologue since I got rid of that nasty habit of typing them out!


  3. It’s alright and don’t stress out too much it’s not going to be good for you and good luck at your part time job and school etc.


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