120 – Speaking Of Summer Event…


TN: I’m back. Yes, it’s actually summer now in Japan. So humid. So hot. A total match with what I’m translating right now.

What would pop into your mind when you heard ‘Summer Events’?

Fireworks, Summer Matsuri, Pool. [TN: Natsu Matsuri, Summer Festival]
No matter which, they all shined brightly as wonderful events like how jewels in a treasure box would, after being hit by the sunlight.

Yes..! ――――That was if you had a partner!!

Fu ha ha ha ha ha! All you unpopular guys! You understand, don’t you? Those couples whose smiles even outshined the fireworks in a firework event. You thought you would be having fun with your friends at a matsuri but you would find your mental strength wearing down by all the couples surrounding you. And might find yourself having a new weakness after heading to the pool and getting blinded by all the couples lovey-doveying together.

Yes, summer events were all meant for couples. Truly horrifying. That was how it felt like to me anyway. That unpopular guy comment above was actually pointing right at the previous-life me.

That was why, I would only admit watermelon smashing as a summer event.


” Watermelon….. ”
” …..Smashing? ”

Both Zen and Selphy tilted their head. The watermelon (suika) I was talking about was not the contactless smart card Suica. It would be a tragedy if that broke… Eh, that joke would not get through in this world I guess…


Since we had time after dinner, I invited the both of them to play and we ended up in the garden. Although I said garden but remember, this was a highly secretive place. Although our garden meant entire hill, we had no access to most places.

As if guarding against the visitors or protecting me.

Plus, my idiots parents were worried about a variety of things and we were only allowed to head towards a spot where they could see us from the window.


” Yep. Watermelons are a kind of fruit… Well, vegetables actually but it tastes really sweet, just like a fruit. And the game was to correctly smash it! ”

I said proudly.
Smashing watermelons were the best!
Why? Because no matter the popular meter, it’s an event where everyone would have fun! And it would taste even sweeter when you get to eat the watermelon you smashed.

Also because this event was at the top of my list I made in case I had friends coming over to play.


” Huh…..? Is it fun to smash it? ”

Zen asked, his face puzzled.
Well…. simply smashing it might be fun I guess. Like how people love bursting bubble wraps for hours. As there were nothing similar in this world, I understand their bewilderment.

But I am a man who was prepared.
Grinning, I pulled something out of my pocket.

” Ta-dah~! B l i n d f o l d! ”

Like a certain blue robotic cat pulling something out of it’s pouch, it was long piece of white cloth that would be used to cover one’s eyes. I used my superb sewing skills to made it. Hehehe.

Okay, I’m lying. All that was needed to be done was to simply cut the shape out.

” Erm, why do we need a blindfold? ”

Asked Selphy. Me, in an exuberant mood, sneaked up from behind Zen and blindfolded him while he was still surprised.

” Yosh… The person whose eyes are blindfolded will now attempted to smash the watermelon while the people around him will be giving instructions. That’s how the game is played. ”

I spread a sheet on the ground as I explained the rules to Zen and Selphy. After knowing the rules, Selphy’s eyes shined.

” Sounds fun! ”

Selphy exclaimed as she got excited. On the contrary, Zen was panicking by himself.

” I, I’m the one who do it?! ”

Maybe he was trying to protested to me but with his eyes blindfolded, Zen had moved towards a totally different direction as he yelled into the distance. To tell the truth, it was amusing. I grinned.

” Well, because it’s amusing. Let us get this started! ”

Saying that, I took a bat out of my magic space dimension and handed it over to Zen.




TN: So we have already reached 120 chapters. Phew. It felt like I started translating not too long ago.

And yes, I heard of this. It’s the same idea as pinata, only with food. I like my watermelon cut though, thanks.


21 thoughts on “120 – Speaking Of Summer Event…

  1. well i dont know how to add an image/gif which is severely disappointing, but i just want to leave this here, and thanks for the chapter!


  2. Thanks for the translation.
    On another topic, is it just me that feel like the story is kind of slow with no progress or what?


  3. I think this was the shortest chapter I’ve ever saw in web novels. Author-san ran out of creativity.


  4. My parents used to smash up watermelon skin to cook it, and it’s surprisingly tasty… But I still prefer my watermelons cut. Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Well watermelon is actually a berry and is sweet so I’ve never heard it classified as a vegetable before but then again I live in the US where we classify pepperoni pizza as a vegetable so to each country they may do as they will


  6. Thanks for the chapter. This reminds me of the so called 10 things in an anime. One of those things that in a episode there has to be a swimsuit or summer one. But there was already a swimsuit chapter.


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