144 – My Weird Kohai (Calius POV)


” !! ”

Calius sat up in surprise. Today, he chose to slept in his room at the student dormitory but as he thought, it was no good. The number of presences here at the dorm made it difficult for him to fall asleep.

Plus, at this very moment, there was a presence making it’s way towards him. No to mention it’s coming via the ceiling. What a lack of common sense, to not use the perfectly good corridor but instead chose to travel through the ceiling instead. He looked towards the ceiling, preparing to give the incoming presence a good scolding.

Even though he did it quite often himself. What a huge contradiction there.


” Who is it? ”

Calius was feeling disappointed that he currently did not have the skill to recognized a person based on the presence alone. A Ninja would never make a sound when he / she was on a mission but it was not like he was on one right now. Since there was no other choice, he couldn’t helped it but to asked who the person was in the ceiling.

But even without the answer, he already had 2 person in mind. It was someone who could hide their own presence till they reached his room and after that, released enough presence to allow him to detected it. A person who could do that shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Calius did knew that he came recently but to be able to do that was plenty weird in itself.

” It’s me, Calius-senpai. ”

He knew it. Without him realizing it, a smile had appeared on his face. There was not many in Phillis Academy who knew this secret passage in the ceiling other than the Ninja Family. Normal Noble kids who had been raised up carefully before sending them into the academy would never had paid any extra notice to the ceiling. Only an adult noble who had been through all sorts of trials would had noticed it.

The best evidence was that no one had never found the secret passage in the ceiling till now. Thus he was very surprised by how Will managed to discovered the passage himself. [TN: Erm, your dad revealed it to him though.]

But more so about how he could controlled his presence. No one would had thought that a 1st year lower acad student could do it since it was not taught yet. Not to mention he was only 8 years old.

And to think Calius himself only found out about that passage recently. If it wasn’t his hobby of observing people, he would had missed the hidden passage. And to had found and used it so easily, William Beryl was a person Calius found to be really mysterious. That peaked his interest and above all, he found Will really amusing.


To tell the truth, the academy was truly a boring place for Calius. No one knew since he loved hiding behind his poker face as not to stand out but Calius was a very curious and competitive person. His hobby of observing people was not his interest, but instead a way of training in uncovering people’s weaknesses. If not for training, he would had came to know everyone’s movement without the need specially observed them since they all lived at the same dormitory.

And the one to break that old boring mold, Will, became a very delicious lure in front of Calius. He was, at the same time, jealous of the fact that Will got to go on a mission with his father but that feeling was soon gone.

Because the more he observed, the more he knew. That to fight with that Will was the most stupid idea one wold ever had. Will was that unusual.

Come to think of it, Will was unusual the very first day he stepped into the dormitory. He managed to opened the door despite having not yet learned any magic, that odd calmness of his that didn’t fit his age when giving his self-introduction and also the way he read the atmosphere and adapted to the situation.

Oh yes, and he did not gave his family name when he did his self-introduction. Of course, from the Ninja Family, there was no way Calius was as stupid as not to know that the son of the most prestigious noble family had skipped ahead of his peers and enrolled into the academy at the early age of 8. He realized it was Will the moment he gave his name but at that moment, Calius had thought Will was testing them.

Having raised in the Ninja Family, Calius loved these kinds of scheming and secretiveness. To him who loved reading these types of stories since young, no one could blamed him for expecting it to happened.

But now, he think that the reason Will did that was because he didn’t want to stand out, or so that he could make friends without them minding his status. Even so, William Beryl was someone he had not fully figured out. Will’s actions had always been so erratic that it was difficult to pinpoint but that was also why Will was so amusing to him.


So what had Will done this time? Excited, the normally emotionless Calius had a bright smile on his face.

” Senpai, you always said that you want to go on a mission like the intelligence squad, didn’t you? ”

That question that came out of nowhere surprised Calius so much that he froze for a few seconds as he stared at the ceiling.


TN: Short chapter!


18 thoughts on “144 – My Weird Kohai (Calius POV)

  1. Uhm, when exactly did this happen? I’m a little lost in the timeline, shouldn’t he be planning hattuo’s future with the emperor?


  2. Christmasbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *meanwhile zwill is still in the ceiling*
    Will: umm.. senpai? Can you move a bit? You’re standing on my landing pad..


  3. Okay my friends, time to go out of my way here.
    First of all, let me say, that I almost always leave comment sections alone.

    But this time I just can’t keep quiet.

    Because I binge read this translation in 2 days and I can’t even imagine how much hours of work you have put into this, just to translate it, not to mention all the editing and formating.

    You guys are awesome, that you (with lack of a better word) sacrifice your free time in this work and performance driven world just to provide us with the enjoyment of reading novels we otherwise couldn’t. And you don’t even take money for it. I know you can’t charge us because you didn’t create the story by yourselves, but you could “beg” for donations in every released chapter like all those youtubers do.

    So I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to all of you guys who work at this awesome project.

    Thank you! You guys are awesome! I wish you all the best for your future and for the new year.
    Stay healthy! Live forever!

    I love you guys!



  4. I do not want to spam the comment section. But after just reading your profile page I saw that you need help with the editing and grammar checking. I am by no means perfect at speaking english as I am from germany, but I saw some minor grammar mistakes I can help you with. Just shoot me a mail and I can help you if you like. It’s the least I can do after you provided me with all those chapters =)

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  5. I found this blog (and the amazing translation with it) three days ago.
    Now i’m up to date with all the chapters(which was quite a hassle thanks to two ten hour days at work)
    And what i want to say is, thank you very much for all your hard work you’ve done with the translation of this web novel.
    I wish you a (tiny bit late) happy new year and good luck with the translation of this novel.
    Now i’m going to push the follow button and save this blog on my bookmark list.
    Greetings from a dutch nutcase with autism and novel addiction
    (Laughs awkwerdly)


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