145 – My Weird Sempai


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” Ah, come to think of it. He must have thought that there wouldn’t be anyone like that. You should have seen his expression. ”

Thinking back to the Emperor’s expression, I can’t helped but grinned.

The former Emperor… Let’s just call him Guta. Although I gave him a lesson on our first meeting, he showed no signs of being irritated as others do when they were being taught by a kid. Instead, he looked at me with honest eyes, or perhaps he was simply a serious person who preferred efficiency, and was moved by the things I said to him.

And then, after looking back at all that he did, Guta deeply reflected upon his deeds and kept on apologizing regretfully to me. So much so that I had forgotten about the anger I felt for his action and simply felt stunned at his change.

Besides, Guta was not the one who created the [Shadows] or set down the practice to demeaned Beastmen. Moreover, it seemed like Guta did not directly laid down the order to endanger my friends when the incident happened with Selphy so I could somehow suppressed my anger. It did felt a little like how those politicians went ” It was the secretary who did by their own accord. ” but I was just going to leave it at that.

Since I was entrusted with by the King with Hattuo, there was no way to avoided Guta so bearing a grudge was really not feasible. Plus it would be better for my mental health.

And so, my rationality convinced my feelings to to ‘forgive ‘. The deeply regretting Guta did make things a lot easier though.


Since Hattuo was going to became a vessel of Elzmu, I would need to make a trip over in ordered to set everything in motion. Since I had to managed a country, there was no meaning in going in my own.

Country management was usually done as a group, or a council. Hmm, I was having a sense of déjà vu like I had thought about these things before… Did I raised a flag then?!

I would really like to asked the ‘Flag raising’ god but it’s put this matter aside for now.


The problem now was personnel. The King had given me advice that as the basic minimum, I would need to have at least an intelligence corp under my direct supervision. He also added that he could give me anyone I had in mind.

I had initially thought that the King was joking when he said that because there was no way I would know any intelligence member who would be willing to work under an 8 year old. But hey, reality was always unexpected.


” Well and so, if Calius-sempai agrees, I would like you to to be part of the Knights Intelligence Corp under me. ”
” Wh, what, wait, what?! Isn’t this too sudden, Will?! ”

Ah, by the way, I haven’t told Calius-sempai about Hattuo being a vessel of Elzmu or that I was going to be the commander-in-chief in that matter. Others were soon going to know about it but it was still top secret information at this moment. But since this was Calius-sempai, there was a little fear in me that he already knew about it.

Right now, that usual poker-face of his was dyed in surprise. He even rode onto my rhythm and gave a tsukkomi back. That showed the height of his surprise.

” So… do you want to do it? ”

Ignoring Calius-sempai’s surprise, I repeated my question. And why was that?

” Of course I am if I can. ”

That’s why. I already knew his answer.

” Okay! So Sempai, as my subordinate, you are to infiltrate into Hattuo for information. This time, Hattuo is going to be a vessel country under Elzmu. Ah yes, I am also going to be the commander-in-chief. ”

Ah, ha ha ha. Even Calius can’t stopped opening and closing his mouth from all this information. Don’t worry Sempai, that’s a natural reaction.

And so, I got my first subordinate. There was a lot of things I had to do and I already had a inkling of how bothersome this was going to be. But still, I can’t helped but felt excited for the future to come.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I think it would be better if you follow the chapter and don’t skip it, because if some chapter are skipped then it will have possibilities to be forgotten


  2. Thanks for the chapter. Isn’t this novel coming close to the end? I like to read the extras too, but there’s the schedule problem… Alea jacta est, go for all chapters in order, even if they are side chapters, it’s my vote.

    And thanks for your work.


  3. It’s possible the author has/will refer back to them in later chapters, better to just translate them then to find out later you should’ve translated them 1st.


  4. It depends on what the extra’s are if there say like Shippudenn’s extra’s where you spend 4-5 ep watching stuff from Naruto then NO, if they are actual extra’s then ya translate away. Thanks for all the work and do you plan to continue till it finishes?


  5. Are the extras we’re talking about here are like side chapters? Where we got to see a glimpse of what happens outside of Will’s POV of the world? If so, then I would really like to see. 😀

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  6. Thank you for the chapter, Happy New Years, and welcome back. Hopefully you had a nice trip. I think you should translate in the order that the author intended. Although these last few chapters seem like sidebars there is information that explaines things to come, it makes the whole story flow together nicely.


  7. I love extra chapters/ seeing the MC’s ridiculousness from other people’s POV. Please translate them first!


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