Wang Yibo Legacy Afterthoughts

Written by 淹停, translated by me.

After watching it, I felt relieved.

I don’t know if Lil Yibo’s last laugh saved me, or that I feel more from this documentary is that he is a person who look straight forward and during the process, will naturally learn to let go of something.

The phrase “enjoyment is more important” in the j5, is as though an echo of the not far away previous captain’s big stage. And this echo was casual, naturally being said at that stage of time.

A man who walks forward and when reaches a state, he naturally loosen up.

That kind of enlightenment feeling. It’s like keep walking straight inside a scary mountain in the dark and suddenly you will see the exit. He is someone who can quickly released himself from that state of the intense pressure, someone who can find his own way out.

The tears at the scene of his birthday is also a kind of an outlet.

I was thinking no matter how stressed his situation is, as he said himself “ even if I goes out, it will become other people’s time “, but in the end, he still can find an exit for himself.

Skating on the skateboard, putting on the helmet and earplugs, get into character, grab some time within a short time, and find his complete self.

After he was injured, he can find a point to tell himself that he can control his muscles better like an athlete, and heal better. It doesn’t have to be a resting period. He found a way himself, and felt happy again, and could relax.

This kind of feeling is very strange, very strange, like seeing a tree breathing. It seems like his life instinct, yet like a kind of talent. Because more others may not have an exit so naturally, but rather stop there, worrying there, or continue to walk forward with sighs.

And yet he had his lil understanding, and unconsciously solved the problem within himself, and re-accumulated positive energy, and seems like he can once again continue on his path with ease.

It is easy for people have hatred, but within these 2 years of stanning him, I don’t see such a thing in him, at most occasionally I can see a moment of unhappiness. After watching this episode, the reason seems to be clear now.

He won’t store too many negative energy in his body and as I said before, just like how a tree breathes, he is able to let it go after reaching a certain phrase of a matter.

An instinct self-renewal, his vitality is very strong and pure.

He is very simple and clean, without much greed and craze piled up so maybe he can avoid the normal worries normal people have. Also why his strength is so pure, his concentration and willpower so strong.

Lil Yibo, is really like a tree.

I’ve strayed too far.

After watching it, I came to understand. Also maybe because of all the above I said, a voice kept telling me, it has been a year, with his pace, he has really walked very far. All these things may have left far behind by him.

Go forward in strides, Yibo. You said you are not qualified to pass on anything, but light feeling, that hot vitality, like the wind, the sun, the trees, I can always feel it from you. And those heavy feelings, you have never once passed it and made me feel it.

Thank you. You didn’t deliberately pass it on, yet I definitely received energy from you, this legacy is very good, and I thank you for walking ahead of me and be my model.

I will also learn from you, can find my own exit. Taking the initiative to find the exit, so I can better and more powerfully, walk forward on my path of life.

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