Hidden Blade – Mr.Ye

Well then, this is what I can gleamed from bits and pieces, as well as from what my friend told me after she watched it. she didn’t explained it very well so I’ll try to compile everything I know into Mr.Ye storyline.

And of course, without saying, this is me spoiling the entire movie. Read on if you will.

He would eat breakfast with Mr.Wang, his partner
Comparing smoke rings with Mr.Wang like the kid he actually is

Mr. He (Tony) and Mr. Ye belongs to a Japan agency. He is somewhat a mid-level worker, a small team leader who usually go about capturing china’s secret agents, or to kill and to interrogate people.

This man is a Japanese spy whom Mr.Ye ‘accidentally’ ‘mistakenly’ killed
See how his hand trembles?

Now, china’s agency workers are getting killed and then exposed and destroyed. At this moment, the higher up Mr, Zhang (Huang Lei) cannot take it anymore. He wanted to live, so he chose to commit treason.

Mr.He was send to get him as the Japan side. But when the camera changed, all that was left was a blood stain on Mr.He clothing.

Now, Mr.Ye is at the ballroom. He is always there to see his fiancé, Miss Fang. Miss fang is a hot-blooded youth. They know each other since young and is engaged but in the end, the both of them are walking on different path.

He often head to the ballroom to see her, where she poised herself and seduce the Japanese whom she and her team then finishes off. Mr.Ye knew what she’s doing, yet never did anything to stop her. Their only conversation happened in the washroom.

“ We are still engaged. “ He said.

“ Hurry up and die. “ She said.

One day, Mr.Wang (WCJ) passed him a newspaper with the news of her death on it. Mr.Ye went mad. He ripped and tore the paper, cried and even dry retched. That was his 1st time. Bearing intense feelings, he went mad on the Japanese soldiers and beat them all up.

Now, by then, Mr.He has been suspected to be a spy. He also exposed that he is a part of china personally. Here, Mr.Ye got orders from the upstairs to kill Mr.He and he can take his position.

Before setting off, Mr.Ye carefully groom himself. He also changed his tie to a darker coloured one. Then, comes the fighting scene..

Till the bitter end

There is actually a camera in the room where they’re fighting. After falling out the window where the tie saved Mr.Ye, Mr.He was captured by the Japanese and Mr.Ye is promoted.

Then comes the time where Japan surrenders. He was captured along with the Japan soldiers. On the truck, he pointed a finger gun to his own head as he revealed a psycho yet constrained smile as he threaten Mr. He (who was being released). Mr. He jumped onto the truck and tried to attack him but was pulled back. Mr.Ye smiled crazily the entire time as the door to the prison close. Mr.He reveals a smile.

Remember this leak we saw?
Yeah, you might laugh at the leak, but you will be holding your breath here
Mr.Ye will kill you

He is with his Japanese General as Mr.Ye planned on following him along. Then the general told him he planned to retire. He wanted to remove his Japan army uniform and retire to the countryside.

Mr.Ye can’t believe his ears

Mr.Ye told the general to keep his uniform on simmering with hidden rage. He said “ Wait, let me think for a bit. “

I need to calm down
“There is something I really want to tell you. Regarding how the Kanto Army was destroyed, how Manchu country collapse in a few days…”

He then finishes off the general by cutting his stomach open. Mr. Ye had wanted to continue spying all the way, thinking he could follow the general and get more information so he can give to his China agency. But as the general wanted retire, the plans went awry.

Mr.Ye was released. In a normal jacket, he headed to Hong Kong. There, he went to Mr.Wang’s family restaurant and ordered a bowl of live drunken prawns. Without any emotions on his face, he started eating, gulping them down one by one, even grabbing the ones that had jumped out of the bowl.

(Timeline jumbled up & unknown, might not have happened in this order) There he met Mr.Wang again. He knew it was him who raped then killed Miss Fang. He was enraged. he asked Mr.Wang why did he do that. “ Because she is a communist. “

Raging Mr Ye & his face change ability

Mr.Ye turned, but Mr.Wang put a bullet through him with his back turned only to find out there are no bullets. It turned out Mr.Ye took them out. Mr Ye said “ So am I. “

“ So am I “

And he put a bullet through Mr.Wang’s head. It was then a tear dripped down Mr.Ye’s face. That was his 2nd time.

Then he went to a temple. and just as he places both his hands together in a prayer, Mr.He tapped his shoulder and instantly tears pour out of his eyes. He turned, tears dripping down his face, to look at Mr.He. That was his 3rd time.

In the end, he left, climbing the steps one by one up, facing the sun.

Welp, that’s all I can gather of Ye’s storyline. As for the rest of the characters, I can’t find out much as my friend is quite bad at retelling the movie and she only told me Ye Ye’s version. And since the movie timeline is jumbled up, this progression of things that I’ve written is only a reference.

Of course, this entire post is a reference. I’m thirsty and hungry and angry so this is all I can do to calm myself for not being able to WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE 🙂 Anywho, pinch of salt okay, pinch of salt. Also, HOW AMAZING IS MR YE AS A CHARACTER??!!!????!!??!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! I NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE PLEASE!!!!!!!

Also ibo: I don’t see what Ye Ye did that was extremely bad (apart from being forced to kill his fellowmen in order to stay in spy) or secretary, apart from beating a 60 year old man.


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