Wang Yibo: Filming《Hidden Blade》is the most stressful I’ve been since debut


The film ‘Hidden Blade’ was released on the first day of the Chinese New Year. In an interview before its release, Wang Yibo said: ” I hope everyone will watch ‘Hidden Blade’. People who don’t like me can go and watch me get beaten, people who like me can go and watch my performance this time. “ The director Cheng Er sitting next to him laughed and said that he had been amused by this joke for almost half the entire day but Wang Yibo was certainly beaten quite badly in this movie.



‘Hidden Blade’ focus on the treacherous hidden battlefield frontlines, telling the story of underground workers who risked their lives to send information and defend the motherland with their lives and blood. The film was written and directed by Cheng Er, lead starring by Tony Leung and Wang Yibo, guest starred by Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, and starred by Sen Bozhi, Da Peng, Wang Chuanjun, Jiang Shuying and Zhang Jingyi.

As for the selection of actors, what Cheng Er values is the unique temperament of actors and secondly is the suitability to the setting of the city in the film. Wang Yibo is Cheng Er’s first and final choice, no other.



Wang Yibo recall back that when he just returned to Beijing after filming in Hendian, he got the message that Director Cheng Er is looking for him to star in his movie. “ I was very excited then. So DuHua brought me to Cheng Er, in his company. As to what we chatted about I don’t really remember. We didn’t chat a lot too, just a few movies that we like, movies that we saw and end this chat very soon on that day. “

Cheng Er also said that it was a casual chat at that time, “ I asked Huang Lei for help then, if he could help me contact and let me speak with Wang Yibo. Huang Lei asked He Jiong and then we met. It’s our first meeting so we are both quite shy. “


‘Hidden Blade’ being Wang Yibo first leading film, he is grateful towards the director for his guidance.” He told me how should I go about doing it, how to complete it, which kind of performance to learn from, which is the more accurate direction, the director would tell me about it very clearly. The director really respects every staff member, his work, and movies. And then there is his concern. I think the director’s protection and care for actors is something I have never seen before. He is very concerned about the actor’s emotions, and allow the actors calm down and prepare their emotions without any distractions. There is no need to be concern if everyone is waiting for me to prepare. Such an environment is the film set. “


Cheng Er praised Wang Yibo for bing very modest and calm beyond his age. ” He is polite and modest and I think it is very rare. It is related to his education, manners and personal bearings. Something very important for a director is that I need the actor to fully participate in the filming and not be disturbed by additional things. On this aspect I think Yibo has really done it. Not only me, but also other staff members of the crew feel particularly comfortable around/with him. His composure is beyond his age, which also determines why we can showcase such a wonderful Wang Yibo. It is because of the way of our cooperation. His modest manner of behaviour has already determined that we can devote all our energy in how to make the film better, how to showcase the characters better, so I am particularly grateful to Yibo. “


Wang Yibo frankly said that on the film set of ‘Hidden Blade’ ” It is the most stressful time in my life since my debut. “ Especially when he knew that he will have many scenes with Tony Leung, it made him very nervous. ” Before shooting with Mr. Leung, the director will tell me that there would be a scene with Mr. Liang later and asked me to prepare. He would let me watch a movie in my room, do a lot of preparation work and at that time, the pressure would rise up in an instant. “ This stress continued all the way until the end of filming. ” The stress is not gone. It has always been there. But this stress can help me in this role because in that environment, this role must be under pressure every day. Bringing this pressure to this role might be helpful to me a lot. “

谈及和梁朝伟的那场打戏,王一博说拍摄之前他 练了很多,“跟武行老师们做了很多的准备。开拍之前,梁先生真得太好了,他说‘没事,放心打,我都戴了保护的,你一定要放开’。梁先生人真得特别特别好,他要拿瓶子砸我,不希望我受伤,会砸到我的瞬间,那个酒瓶就停下来了,更多的渣子都掉到了梁先生的脸上,他真的是特别好。”

Speaking of the fight with Tony Leung, Wang Yibo said that he practiced a lot before filming. ” I made a lot of preparations with the action supervisors. Before the filming, Mr. Leung was really warm. He said ” Don’t worry, just relax and hit me, I’m wearing protective clothes, you must go all out. ” Mr. Leung is a really really good person. He need to hit me with a bottle but he doesn’t want me to get hurt. The moment the bottle smashes on me, it stopped and more shards fell onto Mr. Leung face. He is really a very good person. “


Every time after filming, Wang Yibo will watch the replay carefully. ” My deepest impression was on the first day of filming. We were going to shoot the scene of carrying someone in the morning so the director showed me the picture of the scene before filming, which was a very far shot. Several people would rushed out to shoot, were hit and fell down. That picture was just like a documentary, which impressed me deeply. When I went to watch the monitor later, I would be more mindful about how to adjust my performance. “


Wang Yibo’s performance was also recognized by the crew of ‘Hidden Blade’. After Da Peng and Wang Yibo collaborated on ‘Hidden Blade’, Wang Yibo will once again starred in his new film ‘One & Only’. Da Peng said: ” As the director of Yibo’s follow-up film, how lucky am I that his first film was ‘Hidden Blade’. I believe that ‘Hidden Blade’ is very effective towards Yibo’s growth and progress. This is a very valuable lesson. “


Wang Chuanjun believes that a person’s success is in direct proportion to his efforts. When filming ‘Hidden Blade’, Wang Yibo slept very little and put in a lot of effort in this film. ” Including the understanding of the script, his learning of Shanghainese, he is always with earphones, even wearing them when he’s having his make-up done, holding a tablet to read all the information. “

文/北京青年报记者 肖扬 By Xiao Yang, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily
编辑/乔颖 Editor/Qiao Ying

Original Article: Here


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