CMH 07 – The Dragon Boat Festival

*Unedited It is the 5th of May today, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival. Sitting by herself in the inner hall of the loft where it is cooler, Liu Qinghuan have no appetite despite a table full of food is right next to her. She simply stares out of the window, seemingly in a… Continue reading CMH 07 – The Dragon Boat Festival


CMH 06 – The Hunt

*Unedited Ning Hong bit down on his lips, his face changing into various shades of color. He then turn and grab Xue Mu's leg, blinking his huge eyes at him. " Uncle! " Hoh hoh, complaining is it? Liu Qinghuan looks at him, as if she is going to impart something important to him. "… Continue reading CMH 06 – The Hunt