CMH 29 – Escape (Part 1)

*Unedited Having just lay on his bed, Xue Mu heard some disturbance outside. " Marquise, assassins are seen in the mansion. " Nuo Yan low voice comes from outside the door. Xue Mu's eyelashes flutters before he slowly open his eyes. He once thought that after the previous incident, Tang Zhibo would stay low for… Continue reading CMH 29 – Escape (Part 1)


CMH 28 – Magpie Festival

*unedited Three days later, when Aersi once again appears in front of her, Liu Qinghuan really thinks that the guards need changing. A carefully wrapped painting is in his hands as he walks towards her. " The《Golden Chrysanthemum· Autumn》. " Her eyes shines as she reaches out for the painting just as Aersi withdraw his… Continue reading CMH 28 – Magpie Festival