CMH 18 – Birthday

*Unedited Liu Qinghuan is grounded for only a day before she is released. But poor Peng Peng is still working hard at the task of counting the lotuses. " Madam, you should go take a look. General Peng Peng is going to turn into a bloated bun sooner or later, poor thing! " " Cough,… Continue reading CMH 18 – Birthday


CMH 17 – Du Juan (Last)

*unedited TN: Sorry for the late update, have been really busy lately. Tang Zhi Bo flips the table he have been sitting at and throws the painting in his hand over to the Grey-Robed Man. " Where's the painting?! " The Grey-Robed Man is stunned by the sudden outburst. He woodenly looks at the painting… Continue reading CMH 17 – Du Juan (Last)