148 – What’s Christmas? (2nd Half)

*Unedited ” A Chiffon cake, Sensei! ” " ....Chi...ffon cake? " John-Sensei repeated my words, having a little trouble with the pronunciation. Chiffon. That's a kind of cloth that was thin and airy. And apparently because the cake was like that too, it was named after it. It was not a cake that was thick… Continue reading 148 – What’s Christmas? (2nd Half)


147 – What’s Christmas? (First Half)

*Unedited This was when I was still a 3 year-old kid. Ah, though I was only 8 years old right now! Yes, I know I was still very much a kid right now! And so, let's rewind back to 5 years ago.   ◆   On a narrow street, I thought all those couples holding… Continue reading 147 – What’s Christmas? (First Half)