136 – Hunter

*Edited by AJ " Good Morning~ " Ruby sang as she pushed open the thick wooden door even if the sign said [Closed]. She was treating it as though her own home. Well, that was because this was 'Dyan's Magical Tool Shop'. Zen's father's shop, who always caused his son to worried after his sloppy… Continue reading 136 – Hunter


132 – Beryl’s Street (Ivan’s POV – First Half)

*Unedited Those who attended the Fireworks Festival had said this. Instead of the expected bouquet of flowers, they saw a field of flowers blooming in the sky instead.   ◆   Ivan, a former Hattuo soldier whom Will had brought back to the Beryl's territory, underwent a series of strict and intense training, and finally… Continue reading 132 – Beryl’s Street (Ivan’s POV – First Half)