147 – What’s Christmas? (First Half)

*Unedited This was when I was still a 3 year-old kid. Ah, though I was only 8 years old right now! Yes, I know I was still very much a kid right now! And so, let's rewind back to 5 years ago.   ◆   On a narrow street, I thought all those couples holding… Continue reading 147 – What’s Christmas? (First Half)


146 – A Lady Will Never Be Defeated

*Unedited TN: Well, results are out and as you can see, I would be translating as how the Author wrote it! The Fireworks Festival organized by Will ended on a high note.   The next day. Will was in great spirits as Zen and Selphy would be staying for a while longer after the event… Continue reading 146 – A Lady Will Never Be Defeated