Here I Am.

I am a noob translator that is just starting out.

Crazy-Pumkin here. Yes, no extra ‘p’.

This can be considered as a pet project as I wanted to try my hands on translating. Working for a translation site is torturous for me as I am a very ‘own-paced’ kind of person.

Which is why I decided to translate [ (Um, Sorry) I’ve Been Reincarnated! ] / [Tensei Shichatta Yo *(Iya, Gomen)] as no one seems to have began on this project yet. I read the manga and am quite interested in the story as well.

Uploads are random as I simply upload whenever I feel like it. I do try to keep to a 1 post per week though. And yes, I have no back up posts in my pocket. What you see is what I have.

I am also reading this at the same pace as you are. I do not read in advance. No, I have no idea why I don’t, haha.

This is a true translation, though I do need help here and there from Google Translate. As I am just starting out, please tell me if you spot any spelling / grammar errors or have any clarification questions.

I love comments too! And thanks in advance for all the love for this.



  • I don’t intent to translate on a daily basis and uploads are all random considering I do have a full-time job.
  • I’m a 1 person group so if you wanna help with this project, just drop a comment.
  • My style is not to put verbal tics at the end of the sentences. That irks me and often the sentences don’t flow well. I’ll put a note about what kind of verbal tics the char is using but not in the sentences itself. [Exp: ~desu / ~jya yo / ~na no desu]
  • I would be using the spells in their original Japanese as it is what they are supposed to be. Feel free to try to pick up Kanji.