149 – It Sure Needs Thinking To Build A Long History

*Unedited I met again, with the former Emperor of Hattuo, Guta. It had been some time since the last meeting. Ah, hmm, it really hadn't been that long, to tell the truth. But since I had been running between meeting Calius-senpai, John-Sensei, the Headmaster as well as trying to scout several others, it felt like… Continue reading 149 – It Sure Needs Thinking To Build A Long History


148 – What’s Christmas? (2nd Half)

*Unedited ” A Chiffon cake, Sensei! ” " ....Chi...ffon cake? " John-Sensei repeated my words, having a little trouble with the pronunciation. Chiffon. That's a kind of cloth that was thin and airy. And apparently because the cake was like that too, it was named after it. It was not a cake that was thick… Continue reading 148 – What’s Christmas? (2nd Half)