139 – Drawing Near

Edited by Aj Zen's face, after confirming my presence, lit up brightly. The happiness radiating from his body just looked like a dog welcoming his mast.... cough cough. I shouldn't look at a good friend of mine in that light. Yep. I looked at Zen, who, for some reason, sat down as he stared at… Continue reading 139 – Drawing Near


132 – Beryl’s Street (Ivan’s POV – First Half)

*Unedited Those who attended the Fireworks Festival had said this. Instead of the expected bouquet of flowers, they saw a field of flowers blooming in the sky instead.   ◆   Ivan, a former Hattuo soldier whom Will had brought back to the Beryl's territory, underwent a series of strict and intense training, and finally… Continue reading 132 – Beryl’s Street (Ivan’s POV – First Half)