CMH 10 – Temptation

*Unedited TN: Sorry for the slightly late update. I took a lazy day's off. Liu Qinghuan is preparing to leave as Peng Peng pulls himself up from the ground, with a serious look on his face. " It's not only me, the same thing crossed Anaye's mind too! She came crying to me, saying that… Continue reading CMH 10 – Temptation


CMH 09 – Big Head

*Unedited By the time Xue Mu come back to the mansion, the sun is just about to finish setting. He then asked Nian Tang Liu Qinghuan's location, before heading towards the inner court's loft to look for her. As always, Liu Qinghuan is sitting on the soft padded bench, drowning down yogurt to keep herself… Continue reading CMH 09 – Big Head