157 – Side Story : God’s Failure

*Unedited " Oi, what are you doing, you pervert. " I froze upon hearing a cold voice behind me. As I timidly turn around, there stood the world's cutest ever angel in the image of my son. " Ah, er, no, it's just, I am seeing how it is all going with the world. I… Continue reading 157 – Side Story : God’s Failure


156 – Unraveled The Dark History!

*Unedited The day had went past evening as night fell. Unable to calm down in this extravagant room, I took off the bed canopy as I gave a silent 'sorry' to the owner of this inn. At the very least this had to go. Because all the sparkles were really too dazzling. I was going… Continue reading 156 – Unraveled The Dark History!