CMH 55 – Eaten Up (Part 2)

Liu Qinghuan's movement stop abruptly as she slowly lift her head up, looking puppy-eyed at Xue Mu. Xue Mu's face turns dark. The Emperor just recently beheaded Duke Lan Ning and is currently in the midst of clearing out all who are connected to him. It must be about this matter that the Emperor is… Continue reading CMH 55 – Eaten Up (Part 2)

CMH 54 – Eaten Up (Part 1)

*Warning : This chapter contains some sensitive material, especially after the first part after meeting her sisters please do  read at your own risk. Liu Qinghuan wakes up soon after. Xue Mu is still out so she drown another bowl of medicine before Qing Zhi walks in. " Madam, Vice minister's Eldest Miss and his… Continue reading CMH 54 – Eaten Up (Part 1)