008 – I Will Try My Best

Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

AN : Our main prog, Will. It looks like he have a lot of things he needs to try his best on.

Having seen my Father’s plain features a while back, I received an unfathomable shock.

” Will really looks like you, dear. ”

That comment from Mother sent me over the edge.
Why did I not ask god to make me a Ikemen?! [TN: He just made you a SUPER Ikemen.] How regretful.

But, come to think of it, having a handsome face might not mean anything. I mean, just look at how my plain-looking Father could get Mother. Father just taught me that in this world, a face was not all that was! (So rude)

Thinking about it, in my previous life, there was a person who was popular even though his face, sorry for saying, was not one of the best out there. That was why, face, even though this was just me escaping from reality using just a simple reason, as long as I made an effort, would not mean a thing! Yes, I was just trying to make life simpler for myself.

Yep. This time, in this world, I would try my best!

I said, Mother, Father.
I knew you had not met each other for a while now, but would you mind not flirting with each other here?!

My broken heart was breaking even more…

I would try my best!

[TN: Now, this next passage I don’t really understand but it seems like he is playing a connecting game…]
Ah, ‘My broken heart’ sounded like what a foreigner would use.
Let’s play with that….starting with ‘Foreigner’, ‘Headaches hurt’, ‘The First of the first’, ‘The feet of Pig’s feet’ till the last was ‘A foot that looks like a foot of a Serow’.

The last one was slightly wrong. According to my friend’s opinion, ‘A foot that looks like a foot of a Serow’ meant a foot was attached to the head, torso and limbs of a Serow, the meaning of boundless grotesque. [TN: Real meaning, to compliment on someone’s legs as long and strong like a wild goat’s. It’s supposed to be a good thing…I think]

Thinking of it now, why was I thinking about such stupid and meaningless stuff? That must be because I was trying to distract myself.

By my side, a weird atmosphere drifted in the air. Don’t you dare drift over here. I would punch someone.

All right! Situations such like this meant sleeping. Sleep…..



After desperately hypnotizing myself, I fell asleep. When I came to, soft white light shining through the window made me understand that it’s morning.

Next to me was….Nice, it looked like they had already woken up.

Recently, I came to understand what my body was trying to tell me and I also managed to have self-control. I began to daydream, ignoring my hungry stomach. [TN: A baby should pay more attention to eating!]

It took me a long time to get to here. I tried my best.
It had just only been a few days? See here, calling for somebody by crying for a Japanese like me was so embarrassing that I could not bring myself to do it, even though I knew I should not. It took so long~

Saying that, I was pleased with myself being able to stay calm in spite of hunger.

Currently the sphere of my life revolved around this room like ‘THE☆HIKIKOMORI’ [TN: People who stay stuck in their rooms and don’t go out], it had only been a few days after I was born so there was no helping it. The room next door seemed like a place to change or to relax. This room seemed to be the bedroom with 2 doors, 1 to go out into the corridor and another which connected to the room next door.

In the middle of this ridiculously huge room was a ridiculously huge bed where my parents slept and right across, to the side of room next door was my baby crib. As my neck still could not support my head, this was fine as I could not move but once I could, I would want to leave this room.

Madam, I wanted information.
But, the first barrier was this fence… This safety design of installing fence around the crib to prevented a baby from falling! To me this was an unwelcome favor.

However, seeing this European-ish room, didn’t it mean that Nobles and Knights exist in this world?! Was this not exciting?!

Don’t get excited! Don’t think that this is a Fantasy world!

That was why, I was trying hard to get my neck to support my head and so, I started doing training with my hands and feet. As well as vocal exercises.

” Ga…Uu…I…Wu…U… ”

It would look like I was only wriggling my limbs about.

” Shashuishu…shesho! ” [TN: Japanese alphabets – Sa line, Sa Shi Su Se So.]

I was weak at the ‘Sa’ line….

“Oh, Will is wriggling about! Are you already awake? Are you crying? ”

The door opened and Father walked in.
I could hear his footsteps about 3 times as he walked on the carpet and carried me up. It must be because I was so small right now but Father looked so huge. No…His height must be over 180cm. And though I said he looked like me from the previous life, there was some fantasy elements mixed in. Because his face looked Caucasian. That silky silver hair with green eyes. ‘Who is this chuunibyo?’ kind of feeling. I mean, silver hair and green eyes!

But his face was plain so what a pity.

” Your mother is still changing so let’s wait for her while you play with papa~ ”

He said happily, stroking his face against mine. It was good that you were happy but, touch! That stubble of yours hurt, Father!

” Sha yuu beii bobaaree!! ” (Shave your beard properly!)

I used all of my strength to resist as I wiggled my arms and feet about and yelled but my short limbs could not reach him so the critical hits kept on coming.

” Ooh! See your father made you so happy, Will? ”

Plus, not being able to speak properly made him misunderstand~!!

Damn it…I had to practice my pronunciation from now on! I would try my best!

After that I was completely exhausted and so I obediently played with Father until Mother arrived.

I… would try my best!!


AN : Excuse me… Thank you for liking! It will still be at this slow-pace from now on but yoroshikuonegaishimasu!!

35 thoughts on “008 – I Will Try My Best

  1. I want to see his funeral in the previous world,
    I bet it looks like Hikaru’s from Hikaru ga Chikyuu no Itakoro,

    I wonder who will be holding the funeral since he has no family left, though…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. It’s such a waste of an ikemen for an ikemen like him to die, bet the girls would cry a waterfall. Maybe Terao will comfort them and get more popular?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..


  3. Thank you for the chapter. I really like this novel. Very fluffy and sweet. I am reading a xiaxia right now, this novel heals me.


  4. thanks—-!
    lol, his parents are flirting, huh? it really seems like it’s a change in the perception of beauty? hm hm—?or was it that will’s was just warped since the beginning? -shrugs-
    yay, doting father! woohoo—!


  5. Thanks for the chapter!!!😁 Would I be able to seduce u into picking up villainess brother reincarnation? It’s a good novel pity it was dropped 😉


    1. I would really want to finished this first cause I don’t think I have the time or energy to be giving it to another story.

      However, once I’m done, I might consider!


  6. [TN: Now, this next passage I don’t really understand but it seems like he is playing a connecting game…]

    Isn’t it Shiritori?


  7. I just hope his thoughts of how he is ugly is destroyed eventually going by the dense mc tag maybe it won’t and will be the long standing joke if so I’ll just drop it. Because I feel bad for the mc all the girls the mc likes but misunderstood and especially the friend who was constantly being praised by the most popular guy at school o.o how do you think he felt when the mc said he was jealous of his looks when he was probably shot down by a girl Because of his very same friend.


  8. First thank you for chapter.
    Second although just head up for a bit miss text or wrong wording

    “Because his face looked Caucasian. That silky silver hair with green eyes. ‘Who is this chuunibyo?’ kind of feeling. I mean, silver hair and green eyes!”

    I suppose his father silver hair and blue eyes if we check on the cover.
    And for the one who has silver eyes and green eyes means for will.


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