011 -Seems Like Father Is Amazing

Editor: Poor_Hero kun and Lazaruz22

TN: Thanks for all the love guys! Please enjoy~
And sorry for the bad baby talk, I don’t have one at home to get a reference from.

AN: Thank you for all the likes and reviews!
You will get a glimpse of [cheat]…or not.
And so.

” Your father is so much more brilliant at it. ”

Mother, you’ve got a really beautiful smile on.
…That was not it! Father was a lot more brilliant? That silly and plain Father?

” Reelly? ”

I hoped you would forgive me for making such a doubtful face.

” Are you doubting it, Will? Really, this child.. ”

Ah, exposed. I laughed, trying to cover it up.

” Your father is a ‘Double’ you know. ”
” …Doublru? ”

Ah, I kinda get it know. But that Father was…
As I was thinking of rude things, the door opened suddenly. And while I was shocked at that, I was lifted up that shocked me even more.

” Here we go! Your father is amazing you know. ”

He said, as he rubbed his face against mine. Ah, Father shaved his beard. Must be because I said it hurt earlier on.

” Oh my, are you not at the office? ”
” Yeah, my work for today is finished as there are not much paperwork. ”

This conversation was taking place over my head.
Ah, that meant I must be lifted up by Father, carried and had my face rubbed against his.
…This idiotic doting father? Awesome? Were you kidding me?

” What isu doublru? ”

Since I was born, I could finally reach my father and so I avoided him wanting to pinch my face. The doting idio…Father, with a look of regret, carried me over to the sofa and began speaking happily.

” Being interested in magic already Will? You are my son indeed! ”
” He is also mine you know! ”

Yep, it began like this and since this was taking longer then expected, I shall cut it all out.

As the book had written, there were attributes in magic and basically, each person had 1. But, as I thought, Father seemed to be a ‘Double’ elite who possessed 2 attributes. By the way, his attributes were Fire, which was the most common, and Wind.

It seemed that he stayed at his father’s, my grandfather, friend’s place and trained. And there, he contributed to the nation and was scouted by the knights. Now, he had became the leader of the knights.
By the way, the friend of grandfather’s was a well-known adventurer in this nation.

….What was with this cheat-like bastard.
[TN: Will! Be more polite with your father or I’ll wash your mouth with soap!]

We had the same plain looks so what was with this gap in status?

” Father issu awesome! ”

But, I was still proud of the fact that my father was so brilliant that even the country acknowledged it. Besides, what a fantasy it was, from an adventurer, to become a knight.

Simulated by that word, my brain had already reached a fever state.

” Ahahahaha, that’s right, I am awesome! ”

Father looked so happy. Since he was in a good mood, there was a chance! Let’s get cocky and use the ultimate tactic, ‘Upturn eyes’!
[TN: To be used when you’re at a lower position, look up to the target….what the heck, like how Puss-In-Boots from Shrek used it.]

” Father, I wanchu use magic too! ”
” Is that so, you want to be like Father, don’t you, Will? ”
” Father, can I do chuow? ”
” Hm, Will. Right now your mana isn’t enough, how about waiting till you are older? ”

Saying that, Father rubbed my head, messing up my hair.
Eh…? But I had enough… It must be that by the mana I had, the results would end up shabby anyway so it would be better not to try.

” Then, when chu I ruent? ” (When can I learn?)

Man, did I fumble with the words but I didn’t mind, the more important thing was the result.

” Will is a good boy so I really want to teach you, but the mana required to activate magic is more then what a 1 year old child can produce. How about waiting till Will is 10? ”

Father persuaded me.

….Hm? …What did he say just now? I did not have the mana required to activate magic?
…I believed that Father was not lying so that must be the common knowledge of this world.

…But…eh…I just did it…?
Taken aback, I stared at my hand. I could still feel the mana.
Could it be that I…was amazing? [TN: You cheat-like bastard.]

I looked up at Father and smiled.

” Okay! Will wait! ”

Hehehehehe…Let me surprise you! I was gonna become the Master of Magic!

After that, it went without saying that I was once again, ‘assaulted’ by Father with his face… Sob sob…


AN: Thank you very much.
I am thinking that it’s about time to speed things up.
Please take care of me from now onwards as well.


19 thoughts on “011 -Seems Like Father Is Amazing

  1. Will kind of seems not to think much of his father, doesn’t he?
    Just because of his face that resembles Shou’s face, which Will thinks is plain and hates so much..
    Well, a face is not everything! (Sorry, it kind of pissed me off…)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Sure thing! What with this “If my father not a super-star than I don’t wanna any!”-aptitude? Father is the one of the two most precious persons in humans life! Even if he an ordinary hairy plump blue-collar whatever? He’s great ‘cos he is the father! I want Will to be grounded for a week and think about his behavior!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Isn’t will way too intelligent for a one-year-old?
    My cousin’s son just turned one, and he can’t even speak yet..
    I know that it is because of Will’s experience from his previous life, but my point is that his parents, who don’t know of this, do not find it strange in the least..

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Since he can talk.. why doesn’t will say anything about the beard? ..such a tsundere baby! You actually love your daddy too arent you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This the second time I read a novel and I started to like more than anime or manga because a lot of anime and manga are not completed and you can’t always find awesome anime or a man when u find some it only have a 12 ep or 24 and the story was not completed I decided to read novel because I’m so board and I can’t find any anime to watch so I wonder if novel is a good thing I hesitate to read it beacuse I think novel are like so. Ething that your mom give you to study but I’m wrong novel is a wonderful thing and also my friend told me about a different japanese anime I thinks it henai or hentai is any good I’m gonna try it when I finish this

    Sorry for the bad english


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