024 – First Lesson (John’s POV)

Editor : Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

TN: This is the POV of chapter 20. So you’re going to have read some of it. I’m not reposting, by the way.

AN: It ended up being a short chapter but it’s a good place to end it so…sorry.

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” Well then, shall we begin the lesson? ”

I took out the textbooks I prepared from my bag.

” Yes! ”

I was really looking forward to teaching that I unconsciously had a grin on my face. It was as if Will sensed it, he gave an energetic answer back. This person was really interesting. I nodded, feeling a sense of duty.

” And so, to begin with, the necessity for any form of learning, let us start with learning how to read and write. ”
” Oh, there is no need to. ”

I was just about to take out the sheet of alphabets from the book when Will gave an inappropriate laugh. It could not be.. By no means.. Even if you entered the academy, they would start with learning the alphabets..

” …I see. Then let us start with mathematics, addition and subtraction. ”
” I probably could do that too. ”

Will said instantly.
He must be kidding?!

Even if he entered the academy, he would have nothing to learn! ….I wondered what the methods of teaching Gion-sama were using..
[TN: None. It’s all Will.]

It seemed like my doubt had shown up on my face.

” I can really do it. ”

Will murmured, feeling a little disgruntled.

I wondered if Will had a haughty side too…Just in case..

If he saw how high this wall was, maybe he would have the motivation to study. I smiled, having thought of a good idea.

” Well then, please solve these for me. ”

Having said that, I took out the paper that the scholars went through when they sat for the Royal Court examinations.

” Yes, Sensei. ”

Will took out a pen from his breast pocket and looked at the questions. But he immediately looked up and our eyes met. He smiled and turned away, beginning to work the paper.

I watched the skill of the 3 years old kid tackling the questions silently.

….He was solving it.
….No, no, but these mathematical questions…
As I tried my best to get my slow-processing brain to accept this fact, Will was advancing on the questions.
…Was there no question that stumped him…?
He just casually solved the graphic math questions that took me a long and hard time to understand.

….What a person.

I was shaking. Was he really 3 years old…?
It was impossible, this had already exceeded my ability to understand.

” ….You are done? ”

But that cute neck-tilting look.
Instantly, my shoulders relaxed.

” …You have..done it. …Well done, Will. ”

I just accepted an outrageous person as a student. How troubling, I would soon have nothing to teach him. But even with my troubled face, I could not help but feel happy.

” But…What am I going to do? I thought I would be teaching reading and writing and now, I do not have enough materials to continue. ”

I murmured.
It was then. Will who heard it gave me a face full of smiles and said.

” In that case, I want to know more about John-sensei! ”


Ahh…Even him…

In the end, it was still all about my House… Instantly, my mood dampened as I got ready for the incoming questions.

But, all Will asked was questions related to [Me].


I cannot helped but laughed.

Really…honestly, this person…….. Was more then what I had ever expected. My expectations were betrayed in the best possible way.

I wondered why, that this 3 years old child could understand my words and feelings.


At the end of the day, I had a feeling that I somehow just made a small friendship.


AN: John Sensei, it seemed that he had unconsciously became an ‘S’ to Will.

To everyone who read this, thank you!
Any missing or wrong words, please point it all out to this incompetent author!
From now on too, Youroshiku Onegaishimasu.


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    1. Can you tell me some good reincarnation novels like this one. Where the MC has exceedingly great potential in becoming the strongest. I like this one, but it’s not completed, I would prefer one that is long and is all translated. I hope you have some suggestions. Thank you!

      P.S. I have only read one web novel, Mushoku Tensei, which was amazing. Something like that is fine as well. And maybe something as long as that. Cause holy crap, that was a long novel. Again, thanks!

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      1. Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyo is quite long and very entertaining; while it is a harem, the character isn’t indecisive and goes out of his way to stay away from the limelight. Too bad as the protagonist, he is favored by a god. With some WTF moments that make you double read, you can be sure never to be bored for too long. Suggestion: Before every calm cool down period in the story, do not read past a time where you will hate yourself more in the morning. SEROUSLY SERIOUS. YOU WON’T sleep as the story progresses. Possibly predictable if you really read into it.
        Can be read at soused sousetsuka.com
        World Teacher- Other world Style Utes also very good with a decent amount of chapters to keep you occupied. The protagonist is more seasoned in age but of course is reincarnated, and since he had amazing experience he is also bada** in the other world. As the title suggests, he strives to be a very unorthodox teacher, and as a reincarnate cannot help but strongly influence everyone he meets. Unexpectedly, the illustrations are cute. If you like your OP (over-powering) characters who are more down to earth with themselves, you will appreciate this protagonist who understands revenge; hence unexpectedly cute, while (almost?) graphic.
        Can be read at readlightnovel.com

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  2. Whenever I see the Youroshuku Onegaishimasu from the author, I read it in a really energetic fake Japanese American-Foreigner Japanese accent


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    sometimes i confused and thinking,
    “why do i think i already read this?” when there’s a new regular chapter or thinking,
    “why do the chapter back to the beginning again?” when there’s a new digest chapter.

    but still thank you for the chapter 😁


  4. Why are you still admiring him? He’s too damned smart for a 3 year old. Call the nearest exorcist or risk 360head turns while he’s laughing at you from the ceiling, while making a lego tombstone whith your name and future death date on it!


  5. Thank you for the chapter! I read the digest first so now I regret it. I like this story and your translations. I just wish that the story picks up from the divest and starts moving forward. *feeling spoiled*

    Thank you for your hard work!!


  6. If Will were to reincarnate in dark-age like world, he would be on fire right now. (lol)

    Thanks for the chapter. ^^


  7. Wait, could the level of this world’s studies be low instead?
    Considering that Will thought that the questions that were used for the Royal Court examinations were below or at most high school level..
    Shouldn’t they be even higher than university level?


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