002 – The Field of Flowers

Editor : Poor_Hero
2nd Editor : Lazaruz22

TN: There’s a little extra something as compared to the digest chapter.

The world often changed.
That was because we made the ‘world’ up.
The thing we called ‘World’, in reality, could not be seen nor heard.
Which was why, we made up our own ‘world’ with the things we saw and our memories.

In short, as long as you were alive, the ‘world’ would grow bigger. Normally, that was. There existed people whose ‘world’ got smaller instead. What the heck, that’s me. Oh, whatever. What I wanted to say was, besides the ‘world’ that I knew, there were definitely other ‘worlds’ out there.

In other words.

………Where…was I?
I only knew that this was a very narrow place. For some reason, my field of vision was all dark and I felt like I was wrapped up and floating.

It seemed like I had arrived at a ‘world’ I had never seen before. In short, another world. Without making it short, it was still another world. Wha…..haaa.

To affect the way I grasped what a ‘world’ was only if I had been through it once as a human. Since textbooks usually did not teach about other worlds…They didn’t.

Going straight to the point.

……….That dude who was god said so.

Which meant I was on the path of being reincarnated into another world.

Could I backtrack? I was going to do that.
…Heck, who I was asking anyway…





The vase hit my head directly.

The world started spinning in slow-motion.
The vase touched the top of my head, little by little, as the pressure was felt, my skull cracked.

I died…!


As I was thinking that, I realized my surroundings were a field of flowers. This was heaven? But I was sure I had not been through the wheel of reincarnation or King Enma or the last judgement?

Dying was surprising boring.
Having died by a vase, I really did not want to wake up amidst a field of flowers. My head was not full of flowers! And I started meaningless arguments with myself.

… While I was doing that, the field of flowers disappeared, leaving behind blinding white space all around.

” I am really so sorry!! ” [TN: He’s doing old man’s speech]

And suddenly someone jumped and knelt in front of me… An old man.
[TN: He was doing dogeza]
Erm… What was with this situation?

” Erm, what is happening? Please raise your head. ”

For now, I went along with the situation. An explanation would be good now.

” You would forgive me? ”

The old man raised his head in a snap, eyes sparkling.
…….Not amused.

I was not feeling happy despite the fact I was in heaven.

” This is not heaven. ”

The old man said. Hm? Have you stopped apologizing? Or rather, this person, was he reading my thoughts?

” I am not a human but a god. ”

…For. Real?

It must be since I was in a heaven-like-space.

” Please don’t tell me… that I died because of…you? ”

I asked, remembering the web novel I was into at the moment.

” Yes, it is. ”

He puffed out his chest.

…This guy…..He was definitely not regretting this!

” Please listen to my reason? ”

I was tired of retorting. I sighed.

” Eh… Ah, my beard caught onto the plants without my knowing.. ”

……His beard.

The reason for my death was his beard, because of his beard.
My shoulders sagged.

“…..And? What should I do? ”

I hugged my head, giving up.

” ….You accepted that pretty fast. ”

God said, shocked as he looked at me with eyes peeking from underneath his long eyebrows.

” Ah…Haa… Even if I make a fuss.. Though I cannot forgive you for causing my death with a smile, being angry doesn’t mean you can send me back, right? ”

At that, God looked at me, still shocked.

” Even so, normally one would still fight against this fact. ”

Ah. That was right.
It must be because I was a lonely existence.

My sigh got seen by God.

” And, what’s gonna happen to me? ”
” Sorry, but you can either choose to reincarnate or disappear. ”

I was not disappearing! That’s horrible!

” …. I’ll reincarnate. ”

At that answer, God nodded deeply and said ” This time really… “. I did not pay attention to most of it but it ended with ” To truly apologize, I will grant you any of your wishes. ”

…In that case… I did not want to be hated as like my previous life.
…Experience…I would keep it.

” I want to have all of my memories of this former life. ”
” Is that all? ”
” If I ask too much it’s scary. ”

I laughed bitterly.
Tongue-Cut Sparrow was the biggest trauma from my childhood.
[TM: It’s a folktale, search it up.]

” I see. ”

God smiled gently upon hearing that.

” And so. Let’s send you on your way. ”

At that, my body was wrapped in a warm glow.
…Ah, right, there was something I would like to say.



《 Side: God 》

” Please shave your beard. ”

The young man wrapped in light disappeared from the white space.

The young man wrapped in light disappeared from the white space.

” Hmm, the beard eh.. ”

God happily twirled his beard around his fingers and started playing with it.

” What an amusing fellow. I wanted to grant him [cheats] but did not get to. Such a small wish too. Makes me seemed like the bad guy here. ”

Laughing, god handed down an order.

” For now, let’s just make all of his abilities maximum. ”






《 Side: Shou 》

And so, we returned to the beginning of this chapter.


Suddenly, my world started shrinking. My head was splitting and it felt like something was pulling me along.

Wuuuuuahhhhh…pain! ….I am dying…

Then. Light.

” Gkyaaaaaaaaaaaaa (It hurtsssssssss)!!! ”


….Ah, can it be that it was my delivery just now?

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    1. Dunno about that, but the max stats part explains why he can do so much already @ 3 yrs old… The digest didn’t mention this bit, kinda important bit of info I think XD

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      1. In the end he got them all, what a lucky bastard. It eould be great to get maximized stats.. In a magic world. >_< so envious.

        Byw if that boy was me I would probably be a tyrant who's goal is to conquer the world cause why not.

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  1. Umm… I’m very sorry, this sounds noob, but.. should i wait for the ‘Unedited’ mark cleared before starting ?


  2. Why are all the chapters in the wrong order? Or am I using this site wrong? I just started reading it and it took me 10 minutes to find chapter one!


  3. Ummm..
    I’ve read the digest chapter of chapters one and two then found the original ones..
    Is it only me, or does it seem that there are a few things not mentioned here compared to the digest…?


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