038 – Recovery

Editor : Poor_Hero

TN: Not feeling well these few days so uploads would be slow..

And I’m gonna stick to present tense for a few chapters to get a feel before deciding if I am using past or present.

” ――――《風》? ” [TN: Kaze, Wind]

By the correct answer murmured by me, the door starts to open, making a deep groaning sound.


And with a slam, the door is opened. I cannot believe that it is that kind of door which requires you to answer what the craved word is in order to open it.


When I finally get my bearings back, the moment I take a step forward, towards the partially opened door, a loud voice is heard.

” YOU. What did you do! ”

I look behind, to the direction of the voice and see a blond, blue-eyes boy that is stomping towards me angrily.


” Is it not me who is in charge of the door this year?! ”

Reaching where we stand, his face is flushed and he seems to be panting. It is quite difficult to differentiate if he is panting from anger of because of him running over… But he looks really angry.

” Besides, aren’t you guys simply commoners? ”

With a face that is as though looking down on us, he begins rambling. He keeps on grunting stuff like how he finally gets this position after using his connections and increases in his complaining to fit in about how great his family is.

Slowly, people start to gather around.

The thing I am so eager to avoid in class is happening here, now. Ignoring the heated young noble aside, I whisper to Zen.

” Who is he? ”
” ….Who…. Will, did you not pay attention to the self-introductions in class just now? We are in the same class and he is a noble too. ”

Zen direct his shocked gaze at me. Please don’t think that all nobles are the same and we don’t all know each other.


He is still grumbling about something. So noisy.
Even though I am turning a deaf ear on him all the while, I am getting annoyed.

If I am to guess, it seems to be a welcome event which the door to the dorm is set with a charm which prevents the first-years from entering. In which he would then appear, solve it and open the door. And he is angry at me, a commoner or so he thinks, has opened the door instead.

” Even though I had already compromised by agreeing to live with commoners, what is with these guys? ”

It is gradually getting so much more annoying. As I let out a deep sigh, I smile bitterly at that, which is seen by Mr Young Noble.

” And? Who are you and what did we do to you? ”

Suddenly being spoken to when I have been silent all the time surprises me. Mr Young Noble is silent for a while before sneering.

” You think you are so important, isn’t it? Not knowing who I am. Oh my, oh my. Being unable to remember despite hearing it once is so pitiful. ”

There are too many useless words in there.

” There’s no choice, I shall teach you. I am the next head of the Count family, Mi Sociunnov. ”

He says proudly while I am extremely troubled. I think he says something about his status but whatever.

Mi Sociunnov…
[TN: ミィ=ソシルノフ, Mi Soshirunofu ]

I tremble, trying my best to suppress my laughter.

Mi Sociunnov… Misoshirunofu… Miso Siru no fu…
[TN: 味噌汁の麩. Miso Siru is Miso soup and fu a kind of wheat bread. ]

What is that. Announcing your name in such a proud way…! That name is too unique!

Ah, I can’t, I can’t. It is rude to laugh at someone else’s name.

Though, my funny bone is definitely stroked. And when I hang my head down and tremble, it is being mistaken for something as I hear an exaggerated laughter from above.

” Ooh, are you scared? It can’t be helped, you, who did not know, shall be forgiven… ”

When I show him a smiling face, he is surprised.

” I thought no matter the status, everyone in school studying is a student, am I wrong? ”

Smiling even wider, I give a graceful and shallow bow.

” Since you specially introduced yourself, it would be rude of me not to. I am the next head of the Duke Family, Williams Beryl. Nice to meet you. ”



” ….. ”

Ah, he is finally silent.




AN: This is really short. So sorry.
But I wanted a punch line.
So the rest is not needed.
I kinda do love this kind of development.

TN: Ah, I thought I would take another 2 days since I took a day off to rest yesterday but… short chapter. Enjooy.


74 thoughts on “038 – Recovery

  1. HAHAHAHA oh my! That dumb noble! By the way, a Duke is higher than a Count right? So wher is Count on the noble ranking? I know it’s somewhere high but…where?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If you go by the ranking so kindly provided by Nyesh, counts are medium-size fries. There are plenty of people–even a lot of nobles–that they can normally lord it over.

        Will’s gonna get some serious reputation points for this with most of his fellow students.

        Pumpkin: thanks, don’t work too hard, and get better soon!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Duke is higher than Count. Duke is usually just under Prince, so first in non-royal. Dukes have a tendency to have blood connection to royalty. More often then not Duke lines will come from brothers of a crown prince that officially became King. Counts are usually in the middle not the lowest but definitely not the highest.

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    2. King, Prince, Duke, Marquis, Count / Earl, Viscount, Baron, Knight. (Count and Earl refer to the same rank, one in English, the other in French.) Marquis and above are allowed to field armed forces even during times of peace, while Count / Earl and below are not allowed to except in times of war. For Marquis the reasoning is that they defend borders or frontier lands potentially subject to raids. Dukes are semi-autonomous. Kings, of course, are sovereign.

      And thanks for the chapter.

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      1. However i believe in this world knights and their rankings are unrelated to nobles. For one thing john sensei says their are three groups knights, commoners, and nobles, while the other thing is wills father is a knight and a duke.

        Liked by 1 person

    3. King
      Duke (Some Countries will have Arch Duke or Grand Duke above that, but in general Duke is Highest after the King)
      Marquess / Marquis / Margrave / Landgrave These are all the same
      Count / Earl Also the same but used in different countries

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    4. If i remember from Duke’s Daughter is the ranking is: Duke, Marquis, Viscount/Count, Earl, Baron and Baronet… Dukes are nobles second to the royal family so they are powerful and influencial… Good Luck to Count Miso Soup….


  2. I love how a lowly count dares to act all tough like he is in the highest position with no one capable of challenging him. Well get served you loser you got rekted.

    Thanks for the chapter


    1. Well, he heard the introductions of his classmates, so from that he knew that there is no one with a higher position than him, esp not Will (afterall, there is no noble, which won’t say his/her family name in that world, probably, or they are super rare) and Zen.


    1. There’s only 2 girls in the series, with one only appearing in like 3 times in the whole series, you know, Chiffone who got left behind. Though the new girl will be appearing soon enough, this is not harem series, and also not a romance series, if you’re expecting harem/romance you won’t get it. I blame the people who put “Romance” tag in this series, it’s misleading the reader into expecting something that’s not there…


  3. Oh Pumpkin!
    Thank you for the chapter and i hope you’ll get better soon!!

    It’s short but fun!!! ヽ(≧∇≦)ノ
    I’d love to see how that lowly count looks like after knowing who’s in front of him (๑ ˃̵͈́▽˂̵͈̀ )ノシ))


  4. I don’t know if I want to keep reading this. I keep checking the novel updates page, like once a day. Updates are super fast, and thats really appreciated. But like, Y’know. Chiffon? Any kind of female? Y-Y’know? This isn’t like an all-boy’s school or something, is it? Uwaah, gross.


    1. Well, they right now are going into the dormitory, which probably is male-only. So we will need around 2-3 chapters more to see a girl, unless the author decides that there will be no more interesting male interactions to describe.


      1. Someone put the “romance” tag in it though, so it’s not that weird some people expecting that at least there is some girls to develop the romance with the MC. I personaly think “romance” is a false tag, it’s hardly ever developed more than for tease/misunderstanding/comedic purpose.


  5. Get well soon!! Thankee for the chapter! Short but great chapter xD
    Hope we have a girl intro soon xD Then Chiffon can fight over Will with them… While Will doubts his own looks as per usual…


  6. hahahahahahahaha!!
    That was cool! MC who likes not showing off and staying out of trouble but uses his nobility when needed. Yes! Finally a sensible MC with nobility. Out from the stereotypes of show off MCs(rare these days) and the super nice but secretive MCs(lot lately).

    Liked by 1 person

  7.      ∧_ ∧
        (`・ω・)  Thanks!
       ,ノ^  yヽ、  Nepu!!
       ヽ,, ノ==l.ノ    Pudding!!!
        /  l |

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  8. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Ah, Will… You just gave your family name there, didn’t you? With people gathered there, the act of not giving your family name in your introduction before this, will be meaningless, right?


  9. Disappointed, last chapter he did not want to be known as the Dukes son because he does not want to stand out and just because of this one incident he is already forsaking his own decision?
    I did not expect that :/,

    Liked by 1 person

  10. HAHAHAHA!!!😂😃 nice one! I keep reading the over and over just to relive the excitement!! Thanks for the chapter! The wait was worth it!😀😀😄


  11. Ha! eat that miso soup, the MC eats people like you for breakfast 😛 (I know that one was bad but I couldn’t suppress the urge to post it :/)
    thanks for the chapter ❤


  12. Ah. I was too late…
    (Sorry for the caps, pumpkin-san. I was overly excited.)


  13. Oh, he finally shut up. I hate pretentious bassturds like him. But it’s ironic how Will had to use his own status to shut someone else’s status when he didn’t wanna be the one making himself stand out.


  14. “Williams Beryl”. his name should be William. Williams is a last name (my last name is williams). historically speaking to the origin of surnames, Williams the S represents being of that Fathers bloodline, or a lord/landlord of that name. Sort of like McMurray (Mc would denote a serf of lord murray). in williams, its like the “family/son of william”. So yea, his name should be William, not Williams.


  15. Miso-kun huh..
    Kinda childish, but i hope he can make an interesting friend (?) to Will. Kinda bored with a bashing character in other novel
    Thanks for the chapter!🍀


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