043 – Zelda’s Troubles

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: And another one. Just cause I am darn curious about Will’s school days and it haven’t even started yet.

And I have to give thanks to whomever who update this novel page in novelupdates! Is it a bot or a real person who update those? Anyway, thanks! This is for you.

AN : This time, this is written like a interlude.

Somewhere, a guy was trembling.

” Oh man… ”

It was a tiny voice that you can never imagined coming from that guy. Hunching over a round table, his eyes was tightly shut as he hugged his head, all dignity forgotten.

Yes, he was Will’s homeroom teacher, Zelda.

A student had been hurt in his care. To think that freak crystal ball that exploded and harmed a student! Right now, Zelda was in anguished and anger about his uselessness and that darn freak crystal ball.

” And to add to everything…. ”

Plus on to the fact that it had to explode when it was the Duke son’s turn. Zelda felt his anger boiling again. The hot-blooded Zelda was never perfect. Young and slightly rough around the edges, he had charmed the Headmaster with his passion and enthusiasm and was given the opportunity to conduct the school entrance ceremony. And just when he had the trust of Headmaster, this incident happened. It was really normal for anyone to get angry.

Zelda depends on this job for his livelihood. Luckily, Will does not seem to mind but the problem lies with the Beryl House. Against the famous-throughout-the-entire-country ‘Gion-sama’, what can a mere teacher do?

Various scenarios ran through his mind as he let out a deep sigh. And it was at that exact moment.




A crisp note sounded, and at that, Zelda jumped straight up.

” Uwah… Here it comes… ”

Making a face as though he had just swallowed a bug, Zelda readied himself. Then, he walked towards a magic tool hanging right next to the wall. The magic tool that just made the sound was something like a pager. It was capable of receiving up to 4 letters.

Ah, although it was not pocket-sized, in this world where science and technology doesn’t exist, to have functions such as this was amazing. And, by this tool, 4 cruel words for Zelda were reflected.

[To my office now]

He really did not want to go. However, this was from the person who hired him, there was no way he could defy the orders from someone that was the top of the school.
Forgetting his angry and being depressed instead, he walked out of his room.



” Ah, take a seat. ”

At the headmaster prompting, Zelda sat on the ridiculously large sofa enough to even sit 4 people, timidly. He was currently in the Headmaster’s office, of course, the ‘public’ one.

The magic tool, that had just called Zelda out to hell, was actually made up of 2 parts. The main and the extension. The extension was for receiving while the main was for transferring. As the main was situated at the ‘public’ Headmaster’s office, if any teacher received a [Come] message from the extension tool hanged at their room, they would naturally head towards the Headmaster’s office.

” I have something important to tell you. ”

Trying his best to calm the trembling gorilla in front of him, the Headmaster gave his best smile. And, once again, he brought tea out of nowhere and placed them on top of a coffee-table like table. But Zelda was too caught up in his own emotions to notice.

The smile Headmaster had on his face to calm Zelda down was having an opposite effect. At the mysterious smile, Zelda felt even more fearful.

” It is about Will. ”

As if knowing how Zelda was feeling, Headmaster tried to go straight to the point. [TN: Is he even trying?] At that, Zelda buff body stiffened. In the first place, there was no need for a teacher to have much a muscled body but Zelda himself often insisted, before trying your best in studying or playing around, produced muscles first!


That huge frame now had curled itself up. Where had that hot-bloodedness went? Usually, that high energy from him had helped people.

Right now, this Zelda currently was feeling like buckets after buckets of ice water being poured onto him. Of course, it was a situation where ” It came—- ” was the most appropriate. Without say, it was not the positive ” It came—- “. As even his heart started cold-sweating, Zelda was truly worried.

” Of this incident, the result of the Beryl House blaming us. ” [TN: NOT TRYING.]

Zelda gulped.

” Is zero. ”

Zelda was stunned at the words coming out of the Headmaster’s mouth.

” …..Eh? …..Eeeh? Z..Zero? ”

Headmaster laughed at Zelda’s mumbled speech. It appears that Headmaster had purposely phrased his sentences that way. Zelda had the talent to be an amusing entertainer. But it was hard on Zelda’s heart.

” ….Why are they not blaming us? ”
” Zelda, do you know anything about ‘Over-capacity’? ”

Headmaster replied Zelda’s question with a question. Due to the suddenness, Zelda honestly answered while having doubts in his mind.

” It is when the mana is too much for the magic tool and…. it…. explodes…. ”

It seems that Zelda had figured it out as he was answering. It can’t be, his eyes held that question as he looked at the Headmaster, who nodded, eyes sparkling.

” Is the Headmaster saying that the crystal ball exploded due to ‘Over-capacity’? ”

Zelda could not believe it.

” Yes. ”

Zelda blinked with surprise at the simple response.

” By no means! A 10 years old only has mana half of an adult, not to mention Will being only 8… How could it be possible? ”

Headmaster laughed, amused, seeing Zelda’s common sense crumbling.

” You might not believe it but there was a precedent. ”

At that word, Zelda stopped. That’s right, the Headmaster would never say anything without basis. Thinking about how he behaved till now, he went red with embarrassment. An adult usually would not show their emotions to this extent but Zelda was an extremely frank person. The headmaster was having a blast of a time looking at Zelda various expressions.

” The student who did the same thing was Gion Beryl. ”

Headmaster said happily. And on this day, Zelda learnt that one cannot place the Beryl House on the same level as others.



” I will be counting on you. ”
” Yes, please excuse me for now! ”

Sent off by the smiling Headmaster, Zelda walked away from the office.

” Sigh……… ”

Once he left the office, Zelda let out a deep sigh, all energy gone from his shoulders. He had been nervous the entire time. A guy like Zelda had always felt uneasy in the grandiose office plus there was the pressure of Will’s incident as well. It was impossible not to be nervous.

And then, the Headmaster.

Without saying, there was pressure from him being his boss but to Zelda, no, almost everyone, that was not the main point.

The huge magic power excluding from Headmaster.

Not even hiding it and letting it all leak out, anyone in front of him would be pressured. It would most probably be the same with Gion but being an ex-adventurer, he had the technique to hide it. Not doing that would lure monsters to him.

On the contrary, there was no need for the Headmaster to practice hiding it, rather, he was using that as his weapon. Which was why, Zelda’s heart almost gave out back there. It was like beef in front of a lion. A cow would still be able to run but for a piece of beef, that would be impossible.

By the way, even if Will had mana higher than the two (headmaster & Gion), due to him having his previous memories, he had subconsciously kept it hidden. [TN: Read too many web novels?]

But that was not all of Zelda’s stress. In the end, the Headmaster said another thing.

” Oh, as for Will’s injury, that was magic so don’t worry about it. ”

Although it was a magic Will used just because he wanted to get away from that scene, it was an immense shock to Zelda. It was as though the entire world has gone black and he was standing at the entrance to hell. To think the cause of all that worry was a magic spell. No one would blame Zelda for wanting to retort the headmaster to tell him that at the start.

But thanks to that shock, it was lucky for Will that he had forgotten to ask what magic it was that Will used. With only 1HP left, Zelda walked down the corridor in strides half of what he usually walked.

Today, he was requested by the Headmaster to not reveal to anyone about Will’s mana amount as well as to hold the special mana examination on the day after. In the end, Zelda was still Zelda. Thinking about all the future trouble his student might go through, he ready agreed. Already having the determination, one can never underestimate the hot-bloodedness of Zelda-sensei.




AN: Next chapter, the heroine for the academy arc will appear—-?

Will [Zen, you are annoying.]
Zen [EEHHH! Why?! Why did the readers say that! I’m not, am I, Will?]
Will [Ah..No..hm. From the start….No, it’s nothing.]
Zen [You’re so mean.]
Will [Ah, it’s not that I hate it, that line.]
Zen [….Erm…you are praising me right…?]

※As the author, I quite like the gag but it had received quite severe criticism from the reader so I had include a version where it is okay not to read it if you don’t like it. This had nothing to do with the main story at all.


TN: …….Turns out there’s nothing in this chapter about Will’s story in school.
*Deep breaths, in and out.
Relax, slow tempo is good….. is good…..

The good thing about reading at the same speed as you, I will get curious and translate faster. The bad thing, I don’t know which chapters actually makes a difference to the story.

That said, the author really took her time derailing from the main subject for this entire chapter isn’t it? There is so much useless chatter in this chapter that I felt like giving up half way through…….

Ah…. I need ice cream….


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    Yes, he was Will’s homeroom teacher, Zelda.

    A student had been hurt in his care. To think that freak crystal ball /had/ exploded and harmed a student! Right now, Zelda was in /anguish/ (this one sounds a bit awkward to me when I read it out, it sounds more natural to say “anguished and angry” instead of “in anguish and anger” but that’s kind of a personal preference thing) and anger about his uselessness and that darn freak crystal ball.

    ” And to add to everything…. ”

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