048 – Miso Is Troubled

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TN: BIG 2.
I need to explain, the author jumped between 3rd person and 1st person when writing this. I just standardize it all.

What should I do, what should I do, what should I do.

Miso――――no, Mi Sociunnov briskly walked down the corridor.

” We are not commoners but the lord who governs over them――――――――Never forget this. ”

Mi replayed his father, the current Count and head of the family, Manuel Sociunnov’s words. Yes, his father had said that to him before he left for the academy. His meaning might mean, never be looked down by those in the capital despite being a noble from the countryside. If not, he can never rule, was what Mi understood. However, Mi got crushed from the start…..

The gloomy Mi was panicking inside, and all he could think was ‘Oh no oh no oh no oh no, is Father wrong?’, and as such, a preposterous doubt bloomed. Reflexively, he grinds his teeth.

Even though Father was always correct….. Mi began to felt like he was betrayed by the one he thought was perfect.

Actually, what his father said was ” We are not commoners but the lord who rules over them. Which means, we are fed by them in exchanged of us governing over them. Never forget this. “. But Mi had totally misunderstood.

Sociunnov’s family was tentatively a distinguished family, having been in long service. But Mi’s grandfather had slipped up and was found guilty of corruption repeatedly, causing the Sociunnov family’s status to fall till Count. And when Manuel Sociunnov took over as the head, things finally changed. Now, his governance could be said to be as good as the Beryl’s, and was well supported by his people.

And the territory Sociunnov is in charge of was, as Mi had said, a place far from the capital, the countryside. But that was because it was the front line of the border that Sociunnov, a family with a lineage of knights, was given to protect.

To Elzmu, which was surrounded by the [Demon Forest] on both the east and west, the defense for the border was of utmost importance. The national border of Hattuo from the north, downstream of the Iiza River, the place close to the north side of the [Demon Forest] was where the noble knights, Sociunnov, had been protecting for generations. It was their pride to have that territory, as well as the pride of protecting the king.

Although it was the same Sociunnov Family which fell in his grandfather’s generation, Manuel, be it his looks or abilities or leadership, was supported and loved by the knights and people.

Mi was one of them.

He respected his father and had aimed to become like him. But Mi had mistaken pride for extravagance. It was wondered if this fact had been found out by himself or not.

And the thing that stopped Mi happened 1 week before. It was something unexpected, and was something very difficult to solve.

The next-in-line of Beryl’s family, Williams Beryl.

According to rumors, he was a genius. Since he really did skip grades, it may have some truth to it.

Even though the Sociunnov family was building its name back by Manuel, it was still very much at Count. And just when the name was reviving, that happened. Even Mi knew how much damage it could cause.

Will’s status was above.

And yet, Williams Beryl made friends with commoners and walked with them, self-introduced himself as only ‘Will’, hiding his status.


This was all Mi could think of for this entire week. What was the meaning of his father’s words? His father and Will…he totally cannot understand what the people above were thinking!

Mi Sociunnov, for good or bad, is a straight and frank person. He, who stopped in the middle of the corridor, raised his face and began running.

I made a small blunder in my 1st lesson but I managed to pass the entire week without standing out. Thanks to that, there were no troubles and I made friends so I was really happy. But I kinda had a feeling the girls were avoiding me. Yep.

But it must be my imagination.

I mean, Selphys would still come over to talk to me, despite turning red, and in the dormitory’s lobby, Freya-san and Loliya….and Yuria-senpai. I don’t think I am picked on. Ah, but all the senpais in the dorm were kind and thoughtful. I began to lose confidence in if I could be like them when I reached 12.

But, my time had come!

Yes, because today was……..Saturday!

Ah no no no no no, I got too excited. In the national academy, students take Saturday and Sunday off, just like the public primary schools in Japan. But there was a huge difference. The academy was not slacking at all. To make up for the weekends, we were truly and strictly taught in the weekdays.

6-7 lessons, 50 minutes each per day.

It was till the extent where one wonders if that was too hard for 10 years old. It was too long! Was 50 minutes this long…? Ah, it was as John-sensei said / warned, that it might be because I already knew all the materials being taught….


It was not that Zelda-sensei’s lessons were boring. To tell the truth, it was rather fun. Though it would be nice if he could tone it down another 20% or so. If he was not a Sensei, he would put any street performer to shame with his entertainment antics. Because in this world, magic exists. We were shown illusions everyday. Illusions that even the famous illusionist on earth, who seems to own the moon, would pack his bag and run away.

In geography, the map that was used was burning,
In mathematics, a fire ball was burning as he was explaining the calculations.
I was not talking about the fact that he was so hot-blooded that he was burning with passion but literally burning.

We are going to have our first magic lessons on Monday but…. I cannot help but worry. And because of the needless worry during all the 50 minutes lessons, I was really tired. But today was my day off and free of worries so my excitement was max! Other students were too, going out, chatting or even playing hide and seek. Even everyone in the dorm was enjoying their day off. Of course that included me.


” ….U, uuuhhh…..I don’t understand…..urgh.. ”

What was the situation now that produced those moaning noise!

” Zen…. What’s wrong? ”

Sighing, I walk towards my roommate at his desk, moaning.

” This and that and this and that, I can’t understand a thing! And to think I wanted to skip grades…. ”

Zen looked like he was about to cry. It was only April, there is still about 6 months to go. There was totally no need to be so pessimistic now. Rather than that, I can feel my excitement going down because of him. Sighing again, I looked at the air-headed young man in front of me.

” It can’t be helped, I’ll teach you. ”

Saying that, I pulled my chair over to Zen’s desk and he stared at me, surprised.

” There was no need to go that far though… ”

……This guy…..

” That’s why, this semi-circle and this circle had the same radius and diameter… ”
“I see! Then, what about this, Will-sensei? ”

Because I was teaching him, Zen began calling me Sensei. The words making up Sensei was being born first so I am not his Sensei! [TN: 先生, Sen Sei. Literal translation is first 先, born 生. ] But it was not a bad feeling being called that so I left it at that. Definitely not because I felt happy being called that!

” Ah, that’s a cylinder. Cylinder is… ”

I started scribbling on Zen’s notes. But Zen was a good student. He absorbed things easily and apprehended stuff fast. If he was like this at 10, wouldn’t he be counted as a genius?

” And if you add this in… ”
” A, ah-! OOH! ”
” See? The circumference and the length become the same… ”

And I was cut off in the middle of explaining. Because of a loud knock on our door. Luckily, Zen had already understood all of it so it was a good place to stop. But the force of that knock….Was there an emergency? I quickly ran to the door.

” Who’s there? ”

I asked as I opened the door, taking a peek at the face in front of me.

” Please excuse me for visiting suddenly. Could you spare me some time? ”

It was Miso Soup no…… Mi Sociunnov.

” …..and that’s it. ”

If Mi ever had puppy ears, they would be hanging down right now. I see… I then smiled wryly at the Mi in front of me who seemed really troubled.

” Did your father really say that? ”

I had heard that the Sociunnov family was going great with governing their territory. Which was why I felt the words said by Manuel was slightly out of place with his actions.

” We are not commoners but the lord who govern over them――――――――Never forget this. ”

Most likely, there was something left out from that sentence.

” He did! …..I think. ”

Being pointed out like that by me, Mi lost his confidence and began doubting his own memory.

” Erm….Williams-sama, why did you do all that..? ”


He asked me, but I didn’t have a credible reason on hand right now. Because of my previous memories, I find living like the commoners much more comfortable….

But for Mi’s sake, I would need to give him a plausible reason. Because he definitely misunderstood his father’s words.

” That was because I did nothing. ”
” ……Huh? ”

With my answer being so unexpected, Mi was looking at me with his mouth agape.

” It was as you heard. As long as anyone holds the authority for tax collection, they also hold the role to govern. But as my father had once said, the main point is governing. ”

Looking at Mi who opened his eyes wide, I continued.

” Which was why, as I said before, in this academy, we are only students. Why would I go around acting superior when I am not doing anything? ”

I think I gave a pretty good excuse. Mi, who still look stunned, gave his thanks and was about to leave the room. He really only came in to ask questions. But he still looked slightly unconvinced and that might be because of what his father had said.

Sigh…..Let’s just help him.

” Is there any communication tool in your house? ”

My son, who was currently in the academy, contacted me.

Within the communication tool ―― our house was a version which can send and receive letters ―― had a letter from my son addressed to me, surprising me. Being in-charge of the defense of the border, it was important that we, the Sociunnov Family, can communicate easily with the capital.

According to the letter, it was sent borrowing a simple communication tool from a friend but this kind of tool was not something a student usually has. Maybe they had created a small mobile one which students can bring about. I would need to check this information with the capital, I thought to myself as I continued reading the letter.

[ I cannot understand the meaning of Father’s words. ” We are not commoners but the lord who govern over them――――――――Never forget this. ” What does it actually means? ]

Reading that, I buried my head in my hands. My son was a straight and frank person but he was a little…. no, too frank.

” Sigh… ”

Letting out a deep sign, I began writing the reply to my son.


TN: Surprise! Miso-kun is a good guy!


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