059 – To The Castle

Editor: Poor_Hero

TN: As a rule of thumb, wait for about 3 days between each chapters.

” You had come. ”

The one who opened the door was not the Headmaster. How should I explain…? For a moment I thought no one was there but when I directed my gaze down, I saw it. It was definitely a magical beast. Why? That was because its height was only around 10cm.

And not to mention its head was an eyeball! I was surprised, it looked just like a certain father of a certain Yokai kid. [TN: Gegege ((ED: no Kitaro))] Yes, the one who opened the door and walked out was an Eyeball F○○her with an appearance of a butler. [TN: 目玉オ○ジ, Medama Oyaji]

Ah, an Eyeball Butler. [TN: 目玉シツジ, Medama Shitsuji]
Wah, awesome, it was only 2 words difference!
….Ah, no!

Stay calm.

The person right in front of me, although I was not sure if he was a person or not, anyway, the eye person right in front of my eyes just said ‘You had come.’. Which means he was most probably the one who called for me.

And he must be an important guest to be waiting in Headmaster’s office. As I had mostly calmed down, I pulled myself together and answered Eyeball-san.

Yep, I will try not to be rude. As a student of Phillis Academy, and as the next Head of Beryl, I will try to uphold the pride.

Was what I said but really, I was just very relieved that I was not called out because I broke the crystal ball and destroyed the classroom.

At Eyeball-san urging, I entered the office at the same time as Headmaster came out with tea. Without thinking, I glanced at Eyeball-san. Can Eyeball-san even drink? I wondered if he had any mouth.

As I was thinking about it, Eyeball-san and the Headmaster had already sat down on the sofa. 3 eyes stared at me, as if telling me to sit down too. As I did a small bow and took a seat on the sofa, Headmaster and Eyeball-san had begun chatting like old friends.

” You could have left the greeting to me. ”

Surprisingly, Headmaster was using polite language. That’s great, Eyeball-san was as important as I thought.

” No, I am only a small summoned beast, there is no need to be polite. ”

Eyeball-san said, perhaps even smilingly. Ah, a summoned beast. But he would be a quite high-ranking one. As a summoned beast does not have social status, his owner must be a bigwig.

I looked at Eyeball-san, who then jumped off the sofa in a comical way and started walking towards me. An eye was… an eye was..! The big, round and shiny eye was walking. Or rather, eyeball. The walking eye stopped in front of me and did a graceful bow before speaking.

” My name is Alcumedes, a summoned beast of His Majesty, the King. By the King’s orders, I was sent to ask Williams-sama over for a trip to the Royal Castle. Would it be possible for Williams-sama to go this very moment? ”

Ah, the King! Definitely a bigwig! The biggest one! But somehow I was not all that surprised. Yes, I was sure everyone knew it by now.

Alcumedes, a walking eyeball.
[TN: Arukumedesu, the name in japanese. Aruku Medama, walking eyeball in japanese. It’s like naming a dog, dogg.]

I was slightly worried about the King’s naming sense. But I have seen this kind of pattern before. Miso Soup no Fu, Alcumedes. I wondered if we could become (puny) friends. Trying my best to hide my feelings, I acted calm as I gave my reply.

” I understand. But is it okay for me to be in my uniform? ”

Most likely I was being called because of the incident with Abi and because of that, I was able to act calm. Satisfied with my answer, Alcumedes nodded, jumped onto the table and drank the tea.

” Well then, let us get going. ”

…..Eh!? Where did he drink from!?
I was too surprised and sat there, stunned. And when I finally noticed, Alcumedes was already standing by the door. Panicked, I stood up.

Headmaster casually gave his orders and a huge carriage was parked outside the door. By the waiting coachman, Alcumedes jumped onto the carriage and with his small body, he opened the door of the carriage gracefully.

How!? My eyes were wide open but the people around me was treating it as though it was nothing. Ah, I got it. I lose if I mind it too much. I won’t be surprised anymore. If my eyeball started walking out from my wide open eyes I would be really troubled.

With that new determination, I board the carriage.

It was a comfortable ride inside the spacious and refined carriage as long as you don’t mind the rocking. Yes, the rocking. The inside of the carriage was painted in a chocolate brown color with black leather-bound seats. It looked classy, as expected of royalty.

And, on the seat facing me, seated Alcumedes. On the 3-person wide seat, he looked really tiny. Plus Alcumedes was wearing a black butler uniform. He just melted into the background and it looked like an eyeball floating about, moving….and when I was thinking about that as I looked at Alcumedes, he tilted his head.

” Well then, Williams-sama.. ”

I wonder where his mouth was. I was really curious but it would be rude to ask.

” Yes, what is it? ”

If one was being talked to, one would have to answer with a smile! This is the iron rule of a gentleman. The me right now was not a student, I had entered into noble-mode completely.

” Ah, it might be rude of me to bring this up all of a sudden but…. I get a nostalgic smell from you. ”

Alcumedes laughed, sounding like he was embarrassed. If he had eyelid, most likely it would narrowed into a crescent as he smiled.

” That might be from my summoned beast. ”

Alcumedes, who was laughing embarrassingly, mumbled an ‘Oh well well well…’ under his breath.

” Could it be…. your summoned beast is the White Dragon? ”

Alcumedes moved his line of sight to my left wrist. There was a nostalgic tingle.

” Yes, we had a summoning lesson yesterday but…. I ended up destroying the classroom… ”
” I see, it sounds like something he would do. ”

To the me who was laughing bitterly, Alcumedes grinned.
…..Scary. As I cannot see any mouth, I can only read his expression from his eyeball and voice.

” Ah, could it be you know each other? ”
” Yes, something like that. We had an undesirable relationship but we haven’t met for some time now. ”

As expected, they knew each other.

” Shall I summon him? ”
” Hahaha, please do not destroy the carriage. ”

To my words, Alcumedes gave his affirmation with a joke. But smell…. it just sounded like I stink or something.

Thinking back, I felt slightly depressed but managed to give a ‘Haha, I won’t.’ while laughing dryly. I will lose if I mind it. This person (?) was only a summoned beast, plus I had not been told I stink before! Yep.

Nodding, I focused mana onto my left wrist.

” Appear in human form, Shiro. 《召喚》 ” [TN: Summon. But Will, your naming sense isn’t all that great too.]

*Pon* sounded and something white appeared beside me.

” Oh…You finally called me, Mast…….Eh, eh!? Al!!? ”

At the same time as the grinning face turned towards the facing seat, I jumped in surprise.

” Long time no see, Fumu….Shiro, is that it? ”

As compared, Alcumedes, who was being called Al, had a calm attitude. It felt like he was gracefully drinking tea instead.

When I first summoned Shiro, he wanted me to name him. And when I asked if he would prefer mana instead, he said that he had more than enough so it was okay. Thus, I gave him a name.

I kinda felt like I did quite a bit of naming already. Although it was not a splendid name like Alcumedes, I do think Shiro fitted him. Yep.

Like a dog. It was disappointing that Shiro was an ikemen with long white hair and a flirtatious glance. He would definitely happily retrieve a frisbee if I throw it at him. Let’s try it the next time.

And that disappointing ikemen Shiro was the so-called Asian Dragon. According to himself, he seemed to be a Holy beast. And when his huge form, with its transparent white scales, destroyed the classroom, I can’t helped but think that he looked cool. How very fantasy.

After destroying the classroom and taking on a human form, he apologized and we contracted by me naming him. Am I troubled over naming him? None at all. The only name to give a disappointing ikemen was Shiro!

But when I named him, he had a delighted face on. ‘As I thought, you had the same smell.’ He said as he embraced me. Before our contract, for some reason he kept on hugging me as well.

The faces from everyone else who were taken aback was hilarious. But if I was hugged I would really prefer female! …..Sorry. My secret savings were all gone thanks to the compensation so give me a break.

” But how did the both of you come to know each other? Is there a connection to the ‘smell’ the both of you were saying? ”

Sorry for butting into long awaited meeting for the 2 of them but I was curious. Even me, when being said to have a ‘smell’, would be interested.

It was just an innocent question but to think Alcumedes would throw a bomb. No one would think there would be such a destructive bomb. No one. This needed repeating.

” Yes. The ‘smell’ of the First King. ”

Alcumedes gentle smiling face (?) broke into a wide smile as he said that.

……I tried imagining a little. As Alcumedes was the King’s summoned beast, I, who had the same ‘smell’, must have something in common with the First King.

Not just now, I was wondering about it earlier. Elzmu was founded about 200 years ago yet had compulsory education. And blackboard. And the huge blackboard eraser was called Jyaiko. Which means, it was not a coincidence about the First King having such a puny naming sense like me. Doubtingly, I opened my mouth.

” Can it be the one who named Alcumedes was…. ”
” Yes, the First King Elzmu-sama. I work for the royal family rather than the nation. ”

As I thought.

At the Alcumedes who looked proud, my excitement that was bubbling underneath was about to overflow.

It came.
The First King was a Japanese? What a standard story of a trip to another world!

Inside the carriage running along the stone pavement.
On the way to a meeting with the King, instead of feeling nervous, sat an 8 years old kid with sparkling eyes. Or rather, me.

I had been waiting, Yamamoto’s face! Or Sato’s face? Tanaka? Anyway, I might be able to see a face from Japan after so long. Or at least some traces of it. Yes, I was only thinking of the King’s face as I sat in the carriage towards the castle.



AN: Shiro and Shiro. (Shiro and Castle)

I wanted to translate it as Tom, Dick or Harry’s face but then the next sentence about it being Japanese just makes it weird. So I choose the 3 most common surname from Japan.

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