116 – Why The Sudden Shocking Truth Now?


” Let’s try reading it, shall we? ”

After getting my head patted on by a grinning Father, I quickly excused myself and went back to my room in great spirits, wanting to read the book as soon as possible.

The thick leather bound book was overflowing with the feel of history. As my chuunibyo-ness was overflowing at that book, I noticed the title.

” 《日記》was it… fu fu fu fu fu. ”
[TN: Explaination in the main text]

Oops, I accidentally released a weird laughter. According to Father, this seemed to be a fairly old spell book handed down from the Beryl’s family but because it was only half-filled with magic circles formation so it was left forgotten on the shelves.

The norm for a spell book was having the explaination and the chant of what the magic circle was for, written in this world’s language. Because if one activated the magic circle without knowing what it was for, an extremely large amount of mana would be needed / wasted. Plus, this book was filled with incomplete and imperfect magic circles formations.

I wondered why the magic didn’t start up.

Although research about magic circles were still in progress by the royal scholars, the magic circles from this book were unable to be copied so they gave up and returned the book back to Beryl’s house.


But for me, finding out the reason to why the magic formations failed was an easy task. Because this was a diary. No one would jot down magic circle formation in their diary.

….If they did, it would be a glorious black history for them.
Eh…. It might be that guy who did this.

I thought back to all the ‘stuff’ that were left behind.
That guy was an examplary chuunibyo patient.

A book that was passed down throughout the generations, moreover, it was written in Japanese… There was only one person that came to mind as to who wrote this diary.

A wry smile hugged my lips as I opened the cover and froze.

” ……Eh!? ”

After a while, surprised came out from my mouth. Why… why… why.. in this place…..

” …..Terao Azuma….!! ”

Did any of you remember?
I did. Very vividly.
I hadn’t heard that name for 8 years but it was still imprinted in my memories. This name… this was the name of my only friend on earth!

” Terao is… the First Founder…..? ”

Or… It might simply be a person with the same name. Countless of excuses ran through my mind as I flipped through the diary.



” It is the time for dinner. ”

Mary-San’s voice snapped the me who was reading quietly in my room, out of my concentration. What the heck was I doing?! This was the first time in my life that I invited friends over and I hid in my room the entire time!


I sat there, still, like all the strength had been taken from me, unable to move. I was sorry to make Mary-San worried, but I really can’t move at this moment.

I pulled out the ultimate skill I learned after dealing with Father, [Wolf-in-Sheep-clothing] and smiled at Mary-San.

” I’m sorry, Mary-San. I was so focused on reading the book that I didn’t notice that my body had gone numb. ”

With that, I snapped the book shut. In my dumbfounded state, my heart was beating with complexed feelings but right now, Zen and Selphy were more important.

The content in this book was very very important to me, be it Shou, or Will, or Williams Beryl, a citizen of Elzmu. But time was limited and I had to placed importance of those in order. And right now, the important thing was this big event of having my friend visited my house. That’s how important it is.

Looking outside the window, the sun had not completely gone yet, letting out a beautiful glow. Go Summer! This was good. Although time were taken by this unforeseen matter, I still have plenty of time to play with Zen and Selphy.

Because, I had gathered together, even from my past life, all the things I wanted to do with my friends! There were a lot of things I wanted to do!

” Yosh, let’s go, Mary-San. ”

Strength flowed into me as I jumped up. There was no time to lose! Wait for me, Zen, Selphy! Let’s play! Fuhahahahahahaha!

…..What character was this? Let’s stop, it’s getting sad. This lonely tsundere Demon King character was a bit hard for me.

” Yes, Young Master. Every one is already there. ”

Mary-San said, smiling gently at me. With a renewed vigor, I walked down the long corridor, heading towads the dining area.




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  2. uuummmm….. a new character suddenly showed up? I don’t remember him ever said something about only friend. Maybe I missed it somewhere?
    thank you so much!


    1. Well, you should probably reread the 1st chapter (prologue)… he was mentioned only then (I think; I don’t remember any other moment).


    2. He isn’t a new character, but it has been a long time ago, that he was last mentioned, to be precise: ever since the first chapter. (It was that guy, who could talk with him in his past life without getting killed by his fan club [not that much, but that is the way I remember him]).
      Now, the Plot twist is that he might be the founder of Elzmu…(that’s how I understood it).


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    His best friend turns out to be his ancestor. Hope Terao mentions Shou’s complex in the diary.


  4. But how come Terao be his ancestor? I mean the vase fall, Shou died first. Terao should be dead afterwards.
    In term of reincarnation, shouldn’t Shou be the ancestor? Unless ….
    if there is picture of terao


  5. OMG, his earth friend! Ugh I hope that diary didn’t contain any tragic or sad things. Things like, “I miss Shou-chan” or “I wish Shou-chan here with me right now”. That would be super duper sad.

    Thank you for the chapter.


  6. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Will: h-how did terao became my ancestor?!
    *15 minutes later*
    Will: pffff!! So chuuni!!
    *another 15 minutes later*
    Will: *has a sudden realization* dang it! He’s a riajuu! How did that plain face become a riajuu?! *dazed*


  7. Thanks for the chapter. Sounds like that thing with his friend being the author sounds this series might have an time paradox arc or something like that.


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