Pin Prestige : Wang Yibo on after watch the CHANEL Show

Wang Yibo

To attend Los Angeles CHANEL Early Spring collection show, have you specially prepared anything for it?

I did specially went to read up on the culture and famous landmarks of Los Angeles.

Your battle suit to the show today, is there any differences in style as compared to your usual look? Would you mind sharing your tips & tricks to your styling of your outfits?

Today I wore a Chanel Fall/Winter 2023/24 pre-collection slanted patterned tweed jacket with J12 watch and Coco Crush rings. It’s clean, simple, yet with all the iconic symbols of the brand.

My tips and tricks to my outfit is simple: wear the clothes that fit myself.

The thing throughout the show that made the deepest impression on you is…

There are many things that impressed me; I loved every song that was played and that big screen at the show, when the numbers were counting down to the start of the show, the black and white images were very movie-equse.

Throughout the entire early spring collection, which piece of clothing and accessories are you the most fond of?

The one I liked the best was a hooded jacket which a golden hood. Very bright, very suitable to be worn during dance!

Gabriel Chanel once said: Fashion can go beyond the movies and into your life. What role did you think Chanel had in the world of the movies? What collaboration would you wish to see between the two in the future?

Madam Chanel had made a lot of clothing for avant-garde new breakthrough movies and became the bridge between movies and fashion. Apart from sponsoring movie making, Chanel also collaborated with many movie festivals around the world and I wish to have more chances to join in.

The biggest similarity you think you have with a Chanel is…

Staying true to myself and never please the others.

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