020 – First Lesson

Editor: Poor_Hero and Lazaruz22

TN: And…ZERO!! 20 chapters milestone reached!!
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Next would be 50…

” And so, shall we begin the lesson? ”

Asking with a smile, Sensei, for some reason, took a thick book out of his bag.

” Yes! ”

On this side, that smile looked really ominous so I gave a vigorous reply. I did not know if it was because of my willingness to study came through to him but Sensei nodded, satisfied.

” And so, to begin with, the necessity for any form of learning, let us start with learning how to read and write. ”
” Oh, there is no need to. ”

I learned how to read and write a long time ago.
Since I answered straight away, John Sensei was surprised for an instance.

That’s of course! Do not look down on the specs of a child’s brain!

” …I see. Then let us start with mathematics, addition and subtraction. ”
” I probably could do that too. ”

This time I was directed a stunned expression.
I was not trying to be smart…ah, it was true that usually one would learn all those at 3 years old so he must definitely think that I was bluffing.

” I can really do it. ”

Looking down on me, a gentle smile appeared on John Sensei’s face.

Ahhhh…please don’t look at me with those tepid eyes!

” Well then, please solve these for me. ”

Pulling himself together, John Sensei took a few pieces of paper from inside a bulky book and passed it to me.

” Yes, Sensei. ”

Taking a pen out of my breast pocket, I looked at the paper that was handed to me and saw math questions lined up.
There are a few that were graphics questions, just like a school test.

Since I said I could do it meant that I had to solve this easily right? What was this punishment?

I glanced at John Sensei and our eyes met. It was difficult to do this with someone watching…

I prepared myself and began to solve the questions silently.

Since the questions were prepared for kids, I, who had prepared for high school examinations, could solve it easily…. But man, if this was kid’s level, this world’s studies level was so high…

Since everything looked mid-european-ish, I had underestimated you.

After 20 minutes and with all the correct answers, I handed the paper back to John Sensei.
With wide eyes and a pensive look, John Sensei asked.

” ….You are done? ”

Come to think of it, calculations in this world might not be the same as my previous world…and I felt a tinge of uneasiness. The possibility that I did not think of made me started panicking.

What if all he saw was nonsensical calculations written on the paper….? Nervous, I looked at Sensei, frowning.

” …You have..done it. …Well done, Will. ”

After checking for a period of time, John Sensei looked up with a smile. However, his face showed a moment of worry.
…I wondered what’s wrong?

” But…What am I going to do? I thought I would be teaching reading and writing and now, I do not have enough materials to continue. ”

He murmured and I finally got it. So he was worried about that. If that’s the case, we would do that!

I then smiled at Sensei.

” In that case, I want to know more about John Sensei! ”




TN: Woah, I finished this in record time! As fast as I did Digest 004 – The Thoughts of The Boy. If you haven’t read that yet, please do.

PS: I am quite sick and tired of explaining to all the shota and yoai comments. Yes, until I have solid prove that ‘Hey, the author is writing a yaoi fic!’, I’m gonna delete all comments pertaining to that.

Yes, John is not a Shota nor is this Yaoi (for now).


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    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

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      1. i wish i was exagerating but with the exception of very few things i follow i see you everywhere


  2. poor john sensei~ he’s shocked and don’t know what will he teach to will now…
    i bet he thinks will is really an angel and a genius too…
    and if he knows that will can use magic with different attribute, maybe he will really shocked and fainted too??
    thanks for the chapter XD


  3. Reminds me of the earth dragon nann*ahem* mage that has nothing to teach the earth dragon children. This look shoujo-ish than anything.


  4. 3 yr old asked for teacher and told the teacher he could already read, write, and calculate mentally…… Of coarse the teachers shocked
    P.s. Waiting for the moment when he realizes that he’s this worlds version of handsom. ;p


    1. He was handsome in the other world too, that’s why the girls would blush or whisper and run, is my guess. He just has different tastes from the norm. What they are I’m afraid to find out….


  5. About your comment on shota and yaoi, the author itself has written a chapter teasing about this case. A female heroine declared that “John” is the biggest rival of the harem, she accussed him as both into yaoi and shota. Though it’s written off as a joke, the author fully realized the inclination of the series is into that way, it’s normal though since the author is a girl it’s not weird if she have a bit fujoshi’s taste. It’s a chapter near the end of the series.

    So yeah, for reader who started reading expecting it to be an isekai harem template where he will at least end up with a heroine will get disappointed at the end of the series. In a sense it’s not harem but it’s also not a yaoi series, it contains slight hint for both genre but it’s staying into neutral stance.

    Though when the author jokingly refering John as “hime” in one of the digest chapter I got the author’s fujo vibe a lot…


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