Wonky Internet

Hey guys. 

Sorry to say but the next post would be delay because the internet in my share house is wonky every 3 days and is especially bad these few days.

I can’t do this on my phone app so I can only hope that you guys are okay with the delay. 

So sorry about this!! I’ll try to get it up as soon as I can.
PS: Anyone interested in translating the POVs or the digest chapters? 

14 thoughts on “Wonky Internet

      1. in my country most of the LN sold is in japanese or chinese..since i cant read it i never bought it..well there is also in english but there is not much maybe because low of demand..and it also more expensive due to shipment than chinese & japanese.


  1. Hey no need to be sorry I think everyone is just greatfull your doing this at all I love the story and I hope you keep doing what your doing


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