Speaking Up about the Situation

Can’t stand it anymore, seriously.

The hot search in the past two days has caused people’s hearts to be in a mess, not to mention the sadness of the fans, it is in fact even difficult for us passerby to just ignore it!

Our local people who have been affected by the disaster are not blind, Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Xinxiang… When all of you read the internet public opinion, please look at the voices of people in the disaster area who are actually experiencing it!

Why have so many people and even the official media being ran off the track by malicious rumours and, by the way, twist it?

It is a fact that some small Internet celebrities make a show of things, and they are everywhere. I can see it when I head to the frontline as a volunteer. Wearing clean clothes, armed with a tripod and was even filmed touching up their makeup. Unloading the materials and reloading it into the car because the scene is not taken properly… this is called a show! Borrowing your own fame to raise funds privately without a detailed list of where the funds are going, this is called profit!

Do people in the disaster area have no mobile phones? Can’t they use it to film stuff? Can anyone stop them from doing it??

When we organize a team to help, we even need to designate a teammate and remind them to record! Record the real situation and record the whereabouts of the supplies. Otherwise, where do you think the friend circles, the online photos of the disaster area and the rescue videos came from? All taken by satellite???

We accepted donations, supplies, and we also accepted everyone’s care and encouragement. The so-called ‘celebs’ personally went to the most dangerous places in the disaster area to participate in the rescue and cheer for the victims, telling them to believe in the government, to believe that everything will be well, to let them know what they’re missing and the foundation will always pay attention and deliver it in time! Trucks after trucks of materials with fan banners came, and all the Weibo messages are of positive energy… In the end, we, the disaster-stricken people that were helped were mistaken for snapping off the bridge after crossing it (betrayal)!

There are still people trapped in my hometown. There is still a lot of mud piled up thickly in the homes and roads of the villagers. There are so many friends who are homeless and even lost their loved ones and are in tears every day… Those affected by this do not have the time to make up pictures to ‘anti’ the ‘celeb’, they only have whole heartedly and whole mouthfully of gratitude! Didn’t think it will be taken by the black-hearted people to make a fuss and even lasted for so long!

I hope everyone can understand what it means to make way for a rescue. Take our Gongyi as an example. At present, voluntary teams organized by local people are not allowed to blindly go to the front line to support. The materials sent to the intersection are returned to the original place for unified deployment. Right now they’re in a hurry to repair the roads and electric lines and are afraid the roads are being occupied. There are indeed some individuals who are not professional, eager to help but affected the progress of the rescue work, etc., but we have never abused and attacked, only listened to what’s arranged and change accordingly!

I hope you can be more cautious, more cautious, more cautious when speaking on the Internet! The speed of information spreading is so fast, don’t drowse the passion of the people! If this continues, who would dare to stand up in a similar situation in the future?? Who can have the courage to step into the wind and rain to help save lives under the pressure of such a storm?? Everyone should sit quietly at home and have nothing to do with those have been affected by the disaster, is that it??? I have experienced it personally, and feel really helpless for today’s network environment! It’s so sad!!

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